Why is it that your mate always seems deficient in your eyes? Why is it that when you look at your beloved, all you see are flaws?   ...more

What I Learned About Communicating Today - Ouch!

It was her face that communicated, “Look you old fart I don’t have time for all this yack-yack; tell me what to do. Let’s end this tedious conversation as soon as possible. I have a life. I do not want to prolong the veneer of pretending to share a part of mine with you.” The woman had a pseudo smile that was neither friendly nor inviting. Somehow I have crossed over into the undesirable zone. I was explaining a concept to a person approximately 30 years younger than myself. I looked at her face. The woman was more than bored, she was pissed. ...more

Yes, indeed! I have to explain complicated concepts and communicating on a 10th grade level ...more

Stop, look and listen

Something I've learned the value of as a parent is to stop, look and listen when my child takes the time to communicate with me.Stop: This means, stop what I am doing if possible. The dishes can wait, the phone call can be delayed for a few minutes, everything I have on my mind, can just stop for a few minutes....more

Relationship Resolutions: Figuring Out My Top Three Dating Priorities

It's still difficult for me to imagine being in a new relationship. It's not even three months since the break-up, and I'm just beginning to truly look more forward than back. But, I know time marches on and you never know what's going to happen, really, so it's good to be prepared. And I'm ready for some change. ...more

Oh Liz!  You're in Los Angeles.  Say no more.  I hear you loud and clear. ...more

You Can Not Compete With Poverty...

...Unless you are poor."I remember when all I wanted to blog about was politics and culture. I had to stop because people use those topics, as well as race and religion, to unleash their inner demons without actually thinking. Usually, they try to befuddle you with their version of facts, which they then call upon when you ask them to clarify their real intentions.You all know the ones. The ones who lurk. They wait....more

Everybody's Gone Surfin' (Part Two)

How to Effectively Communicate with Your Veterinarian Guest Post by Nancy Kay, DVM ...more

Did You Come Here For Forgiveness..

A is back home.She went on a 2-day senior retreat with the girls from her high school. It was a mandatory retreat, otherwise, I am sure she would have found a way to get out of going.I made her promise me that she would at least try to do two things:Enjoy herself and participate with an open mind.A attends a Catholic school here in New York and since it is an all-girls school, they have many creative 'bonding' techniques, which are usually just ridiculous....more

The "Are You Sitting?" Phone Call

Maximizing the First Three Dates, and the First Three Months

The beginning of a new relationship is a magical time. Not because of fabulous first kisses or take-your-breath-away romance - although certainly that's the ideal scenario. No, the beginning of a relationship is special because neither of you are in love yet. This means you have a short window of sanity. ...more

Eight dates!  You know, I should consider extending my wait period. Maybe even a month? ...more