Hush Words

We have all heard many times that "a picture is worth a thousand words" or that "facts speak for themselves”, but few truly understand the importance of these sayings full of wisdom and much needed today.Hundreds of years ago when people gathered for the first time in groups, they needed to communicate with each other through a common language. This is how the non-verbal communication was born, which has as much importance in modern times as it had in the times of the human appearance on earth....more

Uncommon Sense

Uncommon SenseMay 18, 2016 ...more

Feeling Conflicted?

April is Workplace Conflict Awareness Month. How do you handle workplace conflict? Organize a Sensitivity Workshop? Throw a paintball party?...more

What is Extended School Year or ESY?

Why advocate? Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Noting is going to get better. It’s not – Dr. Seuss, The LoraxESY or Extended School Year is an option open to any student who receives Special Education services, however not all of them may be eligible. What does IDEA say about ESY? According to Sec. 300.106 Extended school year services:...more

"I'm Trying, Mom"

Semi-typical morning….DC: “Mom I need help! Something is wrong!”I run upstairs – due to his recent-ish development of seizures, I run a little bit faster with a bit more panic than I used to.Me: “What’s wrong?”DC (angrily) : “Nothing wrong!”Me: “Bud, you called me and said something was wrong and you needed help. You have to try to tell me what is wrong.”DC: “Nothing wrong!”Me: “If you try to tell me I can help you”...more

Masks Off

Sometimes a moment is held in our memories like a still photograph.Yesterday afternoon was warm and bright, and we were driving out of the city when the gravel truck traveling ahead of us in the right lane slowed to a stop. We pulled up along the left side of the heavy truck and stopped at the crosswalk to allow a few pedestrians to make their way across the street....more

Forgiveness Changes Everything

Just the other day I discovered that a sweet bit of forgiveness had been extended to me. After some time of feeling heavy-hearted, I finally feel light again. The gift of that gesture changed my whole outlook. Who knows? Perhaps it seemed like a small act to the forgiver, but to me it was big. When we’ve been hurt, it takes a courageous heart to open a door again. I was touched and, knowing the forgiver, not that surprised. ...more

Are you listening to me?

There is a big difference between listening and hearing.  Listening is being ready to act on something that we have heard and hearing is having the ability to hear sounds.  I get so frustrated when I am speaking to someone,  and I can see they are desperately keen to get their response in before I have even finished what I am saying – what does that tell me?  That they can hear me, but they are not listening properly to what I am actually saying....more

Teaching our kids to self-advocate

“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.”   Eleanor Roosevelt ...more

Relationship Destroying Behaviors: Stonewalling (5 Tips for Breaking Through)

There are four behaviors so deadly to a relationship, whether romantic, family and friends, or business, that they have been called ‘The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ by relationship expert, John Gottman, Ph.D.. He names them:...more