The things we know…. and the things we don’t

My friend Peg and I have often discussed just how fantastic it would be if we could just get inside our kids’ head for five minutes! That is all we wanted, 5 minutes…. 5 minutes just to see what is really going on in there.We never really know, we may think we do, but we really, really don’t.As much as I think I know my son like the back of my hand, there are still times when I realize I do not know anything at all....more

That's What She Says

In a few short months I will be having a milestone birthday. As much as I hate to admit it, I will be turning 40. This wonderful upcoming event sparked a conversation between my husband and I not too long ago....more

“How Rude!”

Full House…. One of DC’s favorite TV shows. He especially enjoys Stephanie’s classic line; “How Rude!” It must be the delivery because DC really doesn’t have any notion of “rude” or what it means. He says what he says, the way it makes sense to him. He has no concept of what rudeness is....more

“Look in the mirror and spit cookies”

One of my greatest fears (one of them; I have a million) is DC having something medically wrong with him and I won’t be able to tell.Unless he has a fever,  throws up or passes out right in front of me (try catching a 200lb boy at 3am) there is really no way for me to know.  He doesn’t really let on that there is a problem and when there is, his behavior is pretty much the same as it always is. I don’t know if he doesn’t feel pain like the rest of us or he just doesn’t process it the way we would expect.  This boy can run full speed with a sprained ankle!...more

Be brave like kids, don't behave like kids

“Because I said so” didn’t cut it then and it still won’t now.Is it wrong to compare employees in the workplace with kids?Just recently, I’ve found myself doing that.Over the years, I have seen some childlike behaviour from people at work. Some has made me laugh (like when you laugh at the naughty kid at school) and some has made me really cross! They should know better, I hear myself say....more

4 Practical Ways to Clear Your Mind After a Fight

Your significant other did something you didn’t like or you got into a fight and you’re ready to call it quits. You know you are feeling emotional and you are trying not to make any rash decisions, but if you don’t do something, like right now, you’re going to blow this up.So you try to talk about it with your partner, but the conversation doesn’t get very far. It’s one of those moments where you just can’t seem to understand each other and you can’t figure out how to solve the issue at hand....more
raeloves Thank you Rae! Having a clean house is a really great benefit. I use that one every ...more

DC Speaks – Doug’s 153rd Birthday and why Mrs. H is just so jealous.

DC has his own Facebook and Instagram accounts. Instagram is private and I only accept people I absolutely know to follow him. 90% of the photos on this account are photos taken of him by me or someone other than himself. The photos and videos he has taken himself are pages from whatever book he may be reading, food, princesses from either books or the computer screen and videos of YouTube videos of Cinderella dancing (spinning mostly) or other characters spinning. There’s a lot of spinning....more


A Message From Grandmother

I had a conversation with one of my grandmothers this evening.  If we are fortunate enough, we all should take time out of our busy lives to listen to their messages.  Admittedly, we do not agree on everything.  To me, it is not important that we do.  Our love supersedes any disagreement....more

Fighting This Way, Means Your Headed For A Breakup

Science confirms that it’s no longer just about how you fight; it’s what you do after the argument that may determine if you’re going to go the long haul.You’ve recently gotten into an argument with your significant other. Things got more heated than usual and now all you can think about is how you wish it would have happened.Maybe you fought dirty or didn’t get a chance to say how you really felt? Maybe the issue is still unresolved and you don’t know how to reproach the subject?...more