It pisses her off when you say it, and you don’t understand why. Until now.  What: What do you want from me?  ...more

To Unplug? Or not to unplug?

I got caught in a freak downpour yesterday and my phone – which was safely hidden in my purse – got wet and died.  She had a nice rice spa before I officially gave up on her and returned her to Best Buy to cash in on my Geek Squad protection.Overall, I did not have a phone from 5pm last night until 12pm this afternoon.  I’m practically Laura Ingles Wilder.  I have learned one lesson from all of this: I DO NOT WANT TO UNPLUG!!! ...more

Communicating in Little Boxes

By Lisa Gerardy, Faculty Member at American Public UniversityWhen we communicate, identifying the audience is very important. The perceived audience can change the way a message is delivered, both in writing and in verbal communication.  As a college professor I see examples of this all the time; if a student is writing an essay geared towards kids, he or she may use a kinder voice, but if the student pictures a stern professor, he or she will likely be more formal. ...more

Play The Game of Business Communication

How you communicate with your clients will make or break your business. Too often team members are not given adequate, if any, training in the art of successful communication. It’s a simple process that calls for attention to detail and follow through.Think of your business communication as a game - like poker......more

Let’s Talk This Out: Relationship Advice for Adults

He’s Always Criticizing Me!One of the most common things that can undermine a relationship is criticism. People slip into being critical, without even realizing they’re doing it. Starting a conversation with criticism is a good way to ensure that the conversation will deteriorate into unproductive fighting.Here’s a scenario from a mock counseling session, in which two people begin to learn some more productive ways to communicate....more

The Balance Between Communicating Too Much And Not Enough

I like details.I like specific questions. I like specific answers. I like conversation. And most especially (besides sheer writing for the joy of it), I like thorough two-way communication.But sometimes, no matter how much you like to communicate, you find yourself on uneven ground, face to face with someone else who does not communicate the same way as you....more

Why We Remember Dr. King's Speech

I was eight years old when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "I have a dream" speech, and I can still remember it -- I still hear his voice in my head. Chances are, you do too. Heck, phrases probably resound with you, even if you weren't alive 50 years ago.The question is: Why? Look at this program -- there were a host of great speakers that day....more

Love In The Time of Social Media

"Does it ever bother you that HE never changed his status on Facebook?" I remember being perplexed at the question. Though I don't obsess about the changes made to my boyfriend's Facebook profile, I know that he updates his statuses regularly, especially with updates for his business. I quickly realized that I was referring to the wrong type of status: "No, I mean his relationship status. You know it still says he's single? Maybe he didn't realize it, but you should bring it up anyway and see if he changes it." ...more
Yes dating with social media nowadays is pretty different.  Have you all heard of the new app ...more

What to know before your next appointment with your Healthcare Practitioner

Have you ever gone in to your annual appointment, weeks before thinking that you want to ask your Healthcare Practitioner (HCP) various questions about your blood pressure, diet, a weird pain you get in your elbow, etc., but then you get there, leave, and remember an hour later what you wanted to ask? Even I have been there! It’s usually a little different on my end, because we do the medical check up chat, then catch up on people we know in common, yet I still forget to ask my questions....more