No news is good news (for young children)

It happened at breakfast. I don't know why these things happen over breakfast. Maybe it is the quietness of the morning. Or the contemplative nature of maple syrup. But that is when my son started randomly telling me the story of how the twin towers fell on 9/11....more

7 ways to tickle your audience

Have you ever tickled yourself? Maybe you tried for fun as a kid, and then realized it wasn’t very funny–literally. Well, the same is true for sharing stories. If you keep them to yourself, then there’s no magic, no sense of fun or possibility for the story to travel. Any storyteller will say that the magic of a story is in the telling, in the story itself, and in what happens to that story once it goes out into the world. In other words, it’s only when you tickle other people, or when they tickle you, that the fun begins....more
I am so thankful that all my break-ups happened before social media. The only way I've ever been ...more

What is Your Marketing Meme?

A meme (pronounced meem) is a packet of social information.  Marketing memes are word associations, beyond a tag line or slogan, that take complex concepts or ideas and make them simple and easy to communicate. A meme is defined in Wikipedia as “a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena.” ...more
@bloghercareer Thanks PG for featuring "What is your marketing meme?" on @BlogHer ...more

Market to Your Strengths

Recently at an entrepreneur camp for high school students, I worked with several teams in preparing a 3 minute pitch to sell their inventions and innovations to a panel of professionals....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Significant Personal Joys 12/11/11

Regardless of challenges these past few days, a shift in attitude with positive changes has arrived.This could mean significant personal joys and expansion in relationships.Mercury Retrograde is soon to be over and communications are already improving.All in all, your mood is uplifted and your life is feeling better.Opposing Energies: fears, doubts, moodiness, closureYou could be finishing a financial project that has been in the works for a long period....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Being in the Moment 12-2-11

While this is a time of true efforts at work, they do pay off.Goals and plans already in place combined with your flashes of inspiration will affect your bottom line. Opposing Energies: irritability, changeability, disagreementsExpect changes very soon.Be resourceful; cooperating with shifts of business, attitudes, and relationships.Wide Awake Words™ for today: openness, enterprising, progress...more

Is there someone there?

But then an even more impactful thought came to me. What if you have something to say and nobody is there to hear you?  To respond to you….to smile with you …to laugh with you..or just listen without criticism…. That would  be (or is)  just plain crappy! ...more

Just Call

by Lianne Castelino My husband and I have come to the conclusion that we are still mired in the dinosaur-era.  We must be. That point is confirmed again and again when it comes to communication techniques.  While each of us is adequately outfitted and armed with a blackberry and a smartphone (in his case), we still prefer to call people.  Whoa.  Yes.  It's true.  You remember the good old-fashioned conversation.  The one brief chat that is the equivalent to 8-10 emails. ...more

Giveaway to help you communicate with a loved one serving overseas

Hi,Somehow, I lost this blog and I am now reentering.  If the earlier version shows up - it's probably better....more

Astrology: Moving Planets – Lots of Activity in Taurus!

The sign of Taurus will be hosting 2 high powered planets- Venus and Mercury- for several weeks at the end of March/beginning of April, 2010. Planet transits vary in length adding energy to a sign and can impact the individual wherever it falls in their chart. Taurus is a very dependable, practical sign that respects money, hates debt, loves beauty and comfort.  To paraphrase a line from my favorite musical “Westside Story” – “Who knows…Somethin’s coming and it’s gonna be great”....more