Technological Tyro

As far as technological savoir faire is concerned, I squat a long distance from the apex of knowledge.Most of my friends and colleagues long ago bought smart phones and would be considered Early Adopters by communication scholars. There are a few holdouts (including fellow professors) who refuse to buy a cell phone.The Portland culture respects and honors many low-tech approaches to daily living. You see folks cycling on beat-up bikes, kids cut their own hair and fellow denizens actually use the library for books, magazines and movies....more

Realizing My Purpose

Over the last two years, since getting laid off and launching to bring moms together I have had a huge number of ideas, visions and goals, as we entrepreneurial spirited moms do.I have struggled with them, the pressure to focus on one, to find ways to make money doing something good and not just to make money, and much more have plagued me as the numbers in my bank account get lower and lower, eventually turning red as the letters pile into my mailbox for collections....more

Why is technology so complicated Chapter 2

Here I am again, angry at technology. Don't get me wrong I live on a computer daily and I own a cell phone. My worday life would set me back several days without the computer because all my documentation and orders go through the computer. So here is the latest. I just returned from visiting my daughter at college. We had a lovely visit. The day after I left, her cell phone screen blacked out. She went into hysteria because she couldn't text nor see who was texting her. When I arrived home 3 days later her hysteria kicked up a notch....more or Vinyl? How to Make Your Musical Mark

As I have mentioned in a previous post about the music industry, there are now more accessible websites for musicians to hang up their shingle. A little over a week ago, music critic Cosmo Lee wrote a great post about Bandcamp at his uber-popular site, Invisible Oranges. Knowing Cosmo personally, if he lauds a new tool for musicians to use, it is worth checking out. ...more

"Take Care"...there's an app for that

“Take Care”…there’s an “app” for that. ...more

Moon Landing Anniversary Recalls Revolution in Communications Technology

Forty years ago this week, men from Earth set foot on the moon while the world watched through a live television feed and legendary news anchor Walter Cronkite helmed the news coverage. The technological achievement signified by both the landing and the real-time coverage are probably difficult for younger people to appreciate. ...more

I've been listening to the "live" broadcast for days now, from ...more