Environmental Chemical Exposure Endangers Reproductive Health

By Deborah Ortiz Maybe you have read about “endocrine disruptors” and filed it away as an “environmental issue.” These endocrine disruptor chemicals are found in common consumer products such as pesticides, fertilizers and cleaning chemicals, and are a serious reproductive health issue as well. They have been linked to fertility problems, early puberty in children, poor birth outcomes and certain reproductive cancers. ...more

Communities Built By The Web: Meet the Spiders

Spiders is a face-to-face knitting group that is connected online. As they explain: ...more

Changing the Message: Trend and Taboo

No Impact Man wrote a great post in which he suggested that “changing the message” would help change our behavior—specifically, our wasteful and consumptive tendencies. I think we could change this through trend and taboo. I befriended a number of socially and environmentally conscious people at college, even lived with some, and in our little society it was easier to live a greener lifestyle. ...more

Video From The Life Stages of Online Communites Sessions

One hour of editing down and nine to go from BlogHer 2007! The first sessions that I attended was the The Life Stages of Online Communities. ...more