To Blogher or not to Blogher?

Straying from the arts to bring up an important blogging topic: The 2010 Blogher ConferenceIt's that time of year again when people start getting excited, buying their passes, discussing the sessions and making their plans for the conference in August.  This year NYC (my hometown) will be hosting the event which means I finally have a shot at going.  In the past the conference passes, plane tickets and hotel room have just been WAY out of my price range....more

I agree, from what I've read of past Bloghers, it was well worth the price of ...more

A Great Community Experience

Warm wishes to all.Thanks to Blogher, we can create a sense of togetherness and cooperation.The world is becoming smaller and we are living on the same Mother earth.Lets share goodness in life, treasure our health and protect the green. Regards,AlexanderCommunity Classifieds is free for all ...more

Communities and Cliques

I'm a relatively new blogger, of about six months standing. Friends had blogs, I'd heard about blogs, but it took starting one myself to really get into it. And what a world. It was like discovering newspapers for the first time. Or coffee mornings. I couldn't believe such a large strand of communication had been there for the taking, and what's more, you could interact with it. Leave comments, meet people and even get the odd (and some really were) recipe. ...more

Do White Women or Infidelities Hurt Tiger's "Black" Image?

What’s worse for Tiger’s “black” image? His preference for white women or his numerous infidelities? ...more

Sharing local foods with the wider community

As October comes to a close, the Eat Local Challenge is thinking bigger and looking for ways to spread locavorism beyond our home kitchens. Week Four (October 24 - 31): Taking it to the Community Week four will focus on eating locally within our communities. We can host potlucks and eat local parties, we can check in with our schools to hear whether they are supporting local farmers with their buying decisions. ...more

There are some great ideas here. I attended a slow food feast last weekend that benefited a ...more

Can you make real friends through blogging?

A few years back my husband was offered the opportunity to relocate with his job to another part of the UK. It was miles away from where we live now, in a part of the country where we knew no one and there were little or no opportunities for me to continue my career as a journalist. In the end we decided not to make the move because, well I had just had a baby and I wanted/needed my friends and family around. ...more

Hope with More: ‘In Their Own (Ovarian Cancer) Words’©

 September 16th, 2009       Author:  Sandi Pniauskas ...more

Urban fruit gleaning - harvesting homegrown produce for free

I've always been a fan of free stuff, especially when that "stuff" equals healthy food for my family. Although we aren't struggling to put food on the table, I can still appreciate using food that would otherwise go to waste. It wasn't until recently that I learned there is a phrase for collecting and using other people's fruits and vegetables - it's called urban fruit (or vegetable) gleaning. ...more

This is a little off topic but similar. There is a group called Hillside Produce Cooperative. ...more