Même pas peur

We haven't been home for ten minutes when we hear the shots: my friend Alex and me in my little apartment. There are a bunch, one after another... A machine gun, that's what it's called. But that doesn't make sense— this is France, they don't have guns. "What the hell was that?" Alex calls from the other room, and I tell him I don’t know; I’ve never heard a sound like that in Paris before. Then it comes again, clearer this time. But you never expect that the worst has happened. ...more

First Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

First Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner ...more

“Radical Self-Reliance” Is Killing People. It almost killed me last week.

Trigger warning: frank discussion of suicideOk. I’ve been sitting on these feelings for a long time, and some of my dear readers have probably heard me rant about this in person, but I have a bone to pick with some of the catchphrases/attitudes I hear winging around the Bay Area. Really, I have a bone to pick with five that I think actively damage communities we care about and hurt people we love....more

Charlotte dance troupe to perform tinikling in FACC gala night

 The Philippines' famed tinikling dance will be featured in the 28th Fil-American Community of the Carolinas (FACC) gala night next week....more

You Can Call It "Apples" But It's Still Hate

There is a social event I attend somewhat regularly. A Muslim man also attends and always searches me out for conversations. I have a hard time shaking him off – though I desperately try. He has only two topics of interest: Shia and Islamophobia....more

I Didn't Think I'd Make it to #BlogHer15

What I Learned at #BlogHer15...more

OneUnited Mural Project Preview

Teens get a bad rap these days. It seems impossible to hear of any good their doing for all the wrong that's being done....more

Brokenness and Community

My sewing machine is broken. Or its user is. Maybe both....more

Fil-American community spirit unites behind Pacquiao

The party at the house of Kay Antone ...more

Triad Family Network and the National Perinatal Task Force

I know I've mentioned a few times here and there that I'm part of a group of women who believe in education and choice and information and women's health and pregnancy and babies' health. I want to tell you a little more about this group of great women, what we've been up to, and plans we have for the future....more