The Gift of Kindness in the Face of Fear

 Earlier in the week, I planned to write about volunteering as a way to bond with loved ones during the holidays. Some people close to me grappled with what to give me for Christmas since I don't want stuff.  When I told them I just wanted to do good in the community together, I saw their shoulders loosen with the thought of such a simple and meaningful gift....more

Let's Not Forget We Are One

 Considering all that has transpired in Orlando, UK, Baton Rouge, Minneapolis, Dallas, Turkey, Nice, France, and more, we needed to send out a reminder that the only way to change anything is to unite! We are more powerful than we know and realize! ​We Are One!We Are UNSTOPPABLE when UNITED as ONE!  We Are Fearless and United...more

What Does Unity Mean To You?

What Does Unity Mean to You?We recently sat down with former Mayor of Houston Texas, Annise Parker. She shared her thoughts on unity and what it means to her. We thank Mayor Parker for her support of Operation Unify. Let us know what Unity means to you.  YouTube Link to Watch Video  We Are Fearless and United...more

Reach Out to The Village

Not too long ago, I was unhappy. My marriage was strong, my kids were healthy, but the rest of life had gone to crap. Often, I would look for someone to turn to for a true, genuine connection. Someone who meant it when they asked “How are you?” and asked uncomfortable follow-up questions in an effort to help out. Someone who could save me from the sad thoughts of a tired mother whose life was not going as planned. Someone with both time to help and the compassion of a mother, which is basically impossible to find....more

Be the Bridge

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How to build a true fan community?

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Masks Off

Sometimes a moment is held in our memories like a still photograph.Yesterday afternoon was warm and bright, and we were driving out of the city when the gravel truck traveling ahead of us in the right lane slowed to a stop. We pulled up along the left side of the heavy truck and stopped at the crosswalk to allow a few pedestrians to make their way across the street....more


Hospitality builds bridges, hostility builds walls. Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

Même pas peur (the Paris terrorist attacks, according to a study abroad student)

We haven't been home for ten minutes when we hear the shots: my friend Alex and me in my little apartment. There are a bunch, one after another... A machine gun, that's what it's called. But that doesn't make sense— this is France, they don't have guns. "What the hell was that?" Alex calls from the other room, and I tell him I don’t know; I’ve never heard a sound like that in Paris before. Then it comes again, clearer this time. But you never expect that the worst has happened. ...more