Opening Day!

Photo by Peter MillerWhen your community is gathered for an all day event such as Opening Day for Little...more

Longing for a "Real" Life

How, exactly, does one build a “real” life? It’s Easter Sunday evening. My 13-year-old daughter is stretched out on one couch, wrapped up head to toe in her favorite blankie, and I am likewise cozy on the other couch. We are watching a cute Steve Carell movie, “Dan in Real Life.” I am so sad I can hardly breathe. I make a solemn vow that somehow we will have a “real” life. ...more

What is Google for Entrepreneurs?

Back in September 2012, Google launched Google for Entreprenurs. There was buzz, it vanished, and I remained confused as to what it is and how it might help entrepreneurs. In today's post I'll help clear the way for you to understand what it is, how you might use it in your business, and if it is a fit for you. The official site for Google Entrepreneurs says You have an idea. Make it happen. Discover local programs and online resources to launch and scale your business. ...more

How to Generate Charisma for Your Brand through Social Media

Charisma is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a special magnetic charm or appeal.” Entertainers have it. Politicians have it. But did you know your brand can exude that same type of charisma through social media?Get the Look...more

The Weaving Together of a Community: A linkapalooza and Kickass Kumbaya

I had planned a post called "The Great ...more

I'm Not a "Fan," I Just "Like" You: Facebook Makes It Easier to Commit

Facebook is changing how users can interact with brands. No longer will someone have to go steady with companies or products by becoming a "fan" but can instead date casually by merely "liking" them first. ...more

Thanks for adding your smart perspective, Susan. And I agree, the suggested new language is ...more

You May Approach the Short Bus

Shannon Des Roches Rosa here. You may already know me as the flippant but steely autism mom Squid Rosenberg from The Adventures of Leelo and His Potty-Mouthed Mom, or as the co-founder of the schoolyard social stories and special needs fundraising book and blog project Can I Sit With You? But if you don’t know me at all, then let me tell you why I'm honored and excited to be a BlogHer Contributing Editor on parenting children with special needs: ...more

Your blog is truly inspiring! I am mom of a child with autism. We should all come together ...more

Winter Soulcare: beating the blues, financial and otherwise

Just last week I broke out my heavy scarf, and today I realized I will soon need thermals under my jeans. My friends, Winter is on its way. The rhythm of the natural word effects our physical, emotional, and spiritual lives. We show a little skin in the Summer, and hibernate in the Winter. We fall in love during Spring fever, and feel full of gratitude in the Fall. Each sacred season brings us blessing and challenges -- mind, body, and soul -- and isn't it great to have wise friends along for the journey? ...more

I'm so excited to explore the resources you're sharing here. As we move into the dark season, ...more