NaBloPoMo (11/2015) - Day 18: Walk the walk and make a difference

 I learned about the Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS) in 2008. I was a participant on a forum and many of the other members were talking about the upcoming conference. So, I looked into the organization. It seemed interesting - all about lesbian literature; about bringing readers and authors together; about doing more than just reading the books.I signed up and became a member of the organization....more

Ways to help flood victims in SC

Partnerships Equals Profits

Photo by Tax CreditsPartnering with othe...more

Midlife Cabernet: How to Avoid the Pending Doom of Civilization

 If we only relied upon the gruesome stories and gloomy reports in the media, most of us would trade our good silver for canned goods and a case of wine and then escape to a private bunker in the wilderness. We have visions of becoming the leather-clad, weapon-wielding character of Tina Turner in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. But most of us could never bend over long enough to fix all the laces and latches on those boots!...more

The Giving Game: Surviving Philanthropy's Schemers Dreamers & Volunteer Vixens - Come Hell or High Heels

Excerpted from The Giving Game: Surviving Philanthropy's Schemers Dreamers & Volunteer Vixens - Come Hell or High Heels, by Merri Lee Marks.“In doing good, there’s always a lot of self-involvement.”—Trent Stamp, Charity Navigator...more
genConnect BlogHer HapaMamaGrace Thank you 4 your endorsement of my book"The Giving Game" ! ...more

7 Ways To Volunteer This Holiday Season by Leigh “DANGEROUS LEE” Langston

Day 20:  Since my rents have passed.  I fly  solo and doing service in my community at my Church is an inspirational portal to God's grace and serenity through the Holiday Season.The holidays are a time of giving, and instead of doling out material possessions, considering donating your time through volunteering. If you’re interested in giving the best possible holiday gift, consider the following seven ways to volunteer this holiday season....more

#WhyNotWeekend Challenge: Volunteer

Happy Friday, Ladies!  Well, watching the news lately you could be convinced that the world has gone mad. But with all of the bad, there is definitely a lot of good. So, in honor of the first anniversary of Hurricane Sandy and our Why Not Girls!...more

Dream Believe Imagine

My 11 year old niece had a school assignment last week that got me thinking. Her assignment was to write a paper or do an art project with the theme Dream Believe Imagine.  She and I had a long talk about how this type of assignment is subjective and open to interpretation but I started thinking…what I would write about that theme....more

Fighting Apathy by Becoming a Helper

I feel so helpless against the many, many things that are going badly in this country and around the world....more

My Favorite Volunteer Work

To-date my most favorite volunteer work has been serving food at Vacation Bible School (VBS). As a parent, I worried about my child and make sure they are clean and fed before they go anywhere. I have learned over the last few summers not all parents fill that way....more