My experience with Community Supported Agriculture- CSA

 This year at my daughter's suggestion, I joined a farm co-op for delivery of bi weekly shares of veggies and fruit.  I stopped shopping for food at Walmart after buying beautiful 14.99 strip steaks and cooking them to finding them the consistency of lunch meat.  Hubby and I read the label and what we had bought was "enhanced" meat....more
I am a meat eater, but there is nothing like having good quality, fresh vegetables. And there is ...more

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

According to Farmer Monte, the reason CSA works so well and is growing so fast is because both sides give something and both sides get something. The consumer pays in advance, in essence making a commitment to the farmer. The farmer, in turn, is committed to providing fresh organic produce straight from the farm to the customer. ...more
@sherri@crunchtimefood Hello there, Sherri! Glad to find your web site. Love the photos and ...more