Alderley Grange Goody Box - It's Sign-up Time!

Today's post is a guest post by my lovely daughter and hard-working CSA/Goody Box coordinator, Dani......more

an ode to our csa

What hampers gratitude?(That's the question Dan and I mulled over when we were invited over to a Hope apartment this week to talk a little bit about gratitude. It is November, after all.)Disconnection, we said....more

Start eating locally- Join a CSA this spring!

If you're new to this whole "Eat Local" movement, and you're not sure where to start or how to get into local eating, it can be overwhelming! Once you start making more informed choices about what you eat, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and get into an all-or-nothing type of mentality. I am here to say a) don't be so hard on yourself! and b) start somewhere simple!...more
Thanks so much for this article! It's important to remind people to eat LOCAL not just organic. ...more

Choices: Lotfotl (living off the fat of the land)

Yesterday afternoon we went to a dinner hosted by the people we buy our CSA shares from.  Down on the farm.  I decided not too long ago, it was a wake up call actually, that I absolutely do not want to buy anything that we consume, from anyone but local farmers.  I'm supporting local farming by doing this and rewarded with fresh produce.  I am still figuring out how to upload photographs, so for now, here is a link to the set from Quinney Farm.  ...more

In my CSA - Time for Turnips

This dish was so yummy, you'd never guess that I was at a loss when I saw the turnips in my farm box. I'd eaten turnips before, but I had never cooked them....more

and quick too!more

In My CSA Box -- Fava Beans: Recipes and Ideas

I've been wanting to join a Community Supported Agriculture group for quite a while and finally signed us up. I'm hoping to up our fruit and veggie intake, learn more about what's in season and try new-to-me items. My CSA farm is in Capay, Yolo County, California. ...more

I'll admit I'm lazy. One of the reasons I started getting a CSA box is because I never make it ...more

What's Your Dinner Party Reputation?

Since joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) for the first time in 2009, we have become something of a curiosity among friends and family. People frequently ask us what we have received lately, how long the season is, what has been the most unusual item, the items we liked, disliked, etc. My mother-in-law once saw something on the news about the recent trend for people to eat roots and weeds and immediately thought of us. We have been very pleased with our CSA experience....more

Need Help Getting Inspired for 2011? Learn From These Great Green Rolemodels.

What environmental lifestyle shifts are you planning for 2011? If you still haven't been able to make up your mind, take a minute to read about the folks below....more