Joining BlogHer

I am here and happy too. From what I've see, BlogHer is a great place for a writer to be, to share and to learn. The writers/bloggers at BlogHer are vocal and their posts are interesting, inspiring and informative. What a community! ...more

What if the Arts were Truly Visible in the Community?

What if the arts were truly visible in the community?What if there was an artist-in-residence in every school?  (I'm talking city schools and not just the private schools or set-aside places like the Boston Arts Academy.)What if there was an art gallery in every school with shows of community artists and of staff and students' work? ...more

Good and plenty!


Blog Comment Day

Use your voice to do life together, share community and make a difference. Can you hear me now? ...more

Cultural Touch Points – Our Internal Cultural Beacon

It happens. An story idea I thought was important and I did the work on is blocked by a Force Divine that is yelping at me at a high rate of speed, “You gotta do this, not that.” And I say “I can’t, looky I really worked on this…” and the Force Divine says, “Save it for next week, kid. We got business here.” And I say “Yeah, but…” and I am lost before I pronounced the “t” in but.  So this is free form and we’ll see where it takes us. ...more

Obscurae: A community art show/fundraiser

On December 5th & 6th Obscurae will premier with one-of-a-kind framed photographs of details in Braddock, PA -- showcased and given away in Braddock. I've had the immense pleasure of working on this show with Jodi Morrison and Ryan, Brubaker, and I'm so excited about the event itself that I keep forgetting to post about it here! ...more

Is there anybody out there?

No I mean it: is there? What are we doing when we reach out beyond the laptop? For whom are we searching? We reach beyond the boundaries of our community, family, home, life...everything familiar, but what is it we seek? Recognition? Acceptance? Friendship, love, a feeling of "I get you" that might be absent in those we spend our lives with? ...more

It totally depends on what you're writing about. Broccoli is hardly revealing :) No risk factor ...more

Small Groups Can Change the World: An Interview with Marianne Manilov of The Engage Network

"It's not how many friends you have on Facebook, it's the depth of connection of our community ties that will keep us together and allow us to have political power together." ...more

You want to be a Featured BlogHer, don't you?

If you aren't reading this post in a feedreader, you've noticed the brand new homepage design (if you are reading in a feedreader, you should totally come visit right now.) There are great new promo boxes that will help you find hot content and expanded comments in several areas that will help you join the discussion quickly. Those are great new features but what I'm really excited about is that new box on the right called "Featured BlogHer". ...more

This sounds great.

I assume all/most bloggers here would love this kind of exposure so, ...more

What Barack Obama Taught Me

I felt personally vested in this election like none before. When Senator Barack Obama's campaign asked me to donate, I did. When his campaign staff asked me to call voters in swing states and encourage them to vote early, I did. ...more

Can't Hide This

I can post nothing for a day or two. Even three--longer, if necessary. I don't need to explain anything; no excuses required. I am not answering to anyone here. It's meant to be an exercise, designed to dust off the old writer in me: my daily writer's yoga. That's okay so far. ...more