Private Club also known as Black America

For eight years I have knocked on Black America's door in hopes that someone would let me in. Instead, I keep getting a "thanks but no thanks" card in the mail. I have forged several meaningful friendships with women of color since I moved to America. However, I am disappointed with my interactions with most black people since I moved to America. I am disappointed in constantly having to justify and defend my blackness. realize now that I came here with extremely unrealistic expectations, that have influenced my reactions to these situations. I have sought community all my life. ...more

Woman's Day, Power Day, Lovely Day - Blogher Reach Out Tour - Boston

A woman's DAAAYYYY!!!! (Woman's Day, Power, Day, Lovely Day...think of the Bill Withers' song - "Lovely Day" as the theme music for this entry.) How privileged was I to attend the BlogHer Reach Out Tour in Boston   on October 11?Incredibly privileged.  I received: ...more

Happy Thanksgiving! (Turkey Day!)

Thanksgiving (or Turkey Day as we like to call it) is relatively new to me. I grew up in a Jewish household where we had our own harvest festival, Sukkot, so we never entertained the idea of celebrating this day. My parents both immigrated to Canada long after their traditions had been established and to them it was just another Christian holiday (like Christmas), and another long weekend. I also went to a Jewish school up until high school so we never really talked about the other holidays. ...more


There is something fundamentally inspiring in helping a person ...more


Can I openly admit that I am frustrated with my weight?  There... I said it!  It feels so good to have that out in the open. I know I just had a baby seven weeks ago - but these love handles have GOT to go! I could join Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or Curves... but do I really want to spend money on weight loss support groups when I could spend that money on new clothes??  No way!  Besides, true dieting is not about making temporary modifications! ...more

More than just a Fertility Doctor

The CNY Fertility Center opened its doors for business in 1997. Dr. Kiltz and the CNY Fertility Center have helped to create over 4000 babies since then. In the summer of 2007 the Center held a zoo party at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo and invited all of their patients to attend. It was such a huge hit that they decided to hold another one this past June 2008 and may continue to do so yearly. There were 2 little girls Annemarie and Margaret in charge of handing out stuffed animals at the zoo party and had so much fun with all of the CNY Fertility Kids that they asked Dr. Kiltz if they could start a Kid’s Club. Of course his response was “YES!” Dr. Robert Kiltz and the CNY Fertility Center are more than just a doctor and his staff ... they are a community. ...more

The Blogger Neighborhood is Back with Some Perspective (from the Pipeline)

After some delay, the blogger neighborhood is back. To kick it off, let's welcome Rosetta Thurman, author of Perspectives from the Pipepile. I first began following Rosetta about a year ago. One scan through her blog's homepage, and you will say, "She. is. impressive." That's what I did. And so did Avi Kaplan, a Harvard student who emailed me to nominate Rosetta for the Blogger ...more


From my first BlogHer three years ago in San Jose, I've understood the power and wonder of BlogHer.  Through this campaign though, I've also been grateful for the friends and colleagues I've met.  The combined wisdom, thoughtfulness, humor, passion and outrage that converges here is a real gift.  There is so much to think about, and talk about, and rant about, that this built-in political community is a blessing.  I've found many new blogs, both those I agree with and those I don't, and feel smarter, and less alone in my concerns, and gratified as well at those who've come to my blog for t ...more

Here in Canada, we have it all…or do we?

Last fall when I was eight months pregnant with my second child, I precariously hoisted up my two year old onto the bird’s nest vantage point of a local playground’s jungle gym. While up there, running around with the other kids, he slipped, fell and cut his lip. ...more

Movies Moving Mountains Video & about me!

Hi all.. I'm new to BLOGHER and I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Ruchika and I work as the online maanger for a very interesting project called Channel 19 which is an online social network for media made by and for the communities. The NGOs behind the project, Video Volunteers and Drishti, have trained community members with cameras, directing and editing in order to set up a "Community Video Unit" for local Indian NGOs. ...more