Liveable Streets

From Paris Plage to New York's Summer Streets, and Bogota's Ciclovia to Portland' ...more

how to help a family with a medical emergency that lands them in I.C.U.

A family in the circle of my circle (i.e. we don't visit each other's homes, but would always stop to chat if we ran into each other) is in a bad spot. Their Dad was injured and is in ICU, which reminds me, of course, of when my Dad was hurt. I've been meaning to jot down what was helpful during those days, so here we go. ...more

I'm bookmarking, deliciousing, stumbling and kirtsying.

Great advice. Thank ...more

“Tomorrow” Will Never Be the Same

By that I do mean the song, mind you. Most of us find that song to be treacly sweet. We’ve heard it way too many times and each time mostly song by a too-cute little girl trying to appear even cuter. Frankly, until recently hearing that song sung would send me into a twitching fit almost as bad as the one I get when I hear “It’s a Small World.” (The story about THAT song will have to be told another time.) ...more

I didn't know how he was apprehended, thanks for telling us. The word hero is so overused in ...more

a good man: a blogher '08 story

On my first full day in San Francisco, I spent the early part of the day playing tourist. A highlight was a visit to City Lights Book Store. When I am away on my own, my kids and my spouse are never very far from my mind and this wonderful and historic book store seemed like as good a place as any to buy them some presents. ...more

Carpool and Rideshares: My New Social Circle

Today for the second time in my life I picked up two strangers and drove them across the San Francisco Bay Bridge. We met under a freeway overpass in Oakland, and, as the two guys got in my car I hoped they had no motive other than getting to work. My motive was to save $4 and whiz through the carpool lane across the bridge. By the time we arrived in San Francisco, we all had developed a huge coffee jones after I spent the last 15 minutes heralding the virtues of Blue Bottle Coffee. First I dropped one guy off. Then I parked and bid adieu to the other. ...more

Say You're One of Them by Uwem Akpan

Hachette Book Group USA has put out another book that I fell in love with. (The first set of books from Hachette that caught my attention were those by Stephenie Meyer. ...more

Travelbloggers Unite at BlogHer and on the Web

We're here, we're everywhere, get used to it! Okay, that's not really the message that the travelers who attended the travelbloggers meetup at BlogHer 08 sent, but it's not far off. "We matter!" is closer to the heart of things. ...more

I've always enjoyed reading blogs written by expats. I'd love to see a GOOD list put together ...more

BlogHer 08

The answer to the question I posed in my last Toddler Planet post is just as I had (not-so) secretly hoped. There is no one BlogHer. BlogHers -- and women who blog -- come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. BlogHers have different accents, different backgrounds, and different perspectives. BlogHers have different interests. Some of us are mommybloggers. Some of us are techbloggers. Some blog about personal finance, and some blog about infertility. Some blog their life ...more

Oh, boy, that was the most amazing time. I haven't stopped thinking about all the women I met ...more

something happening here

Sunday! My favorite day of the week. Coffee, the wedding announcements (who writes these things?!), blogsurfing, early-morning calls from E and my sister, coffee ... life is good. ...more

Media & The Community Story

The stories with which we define our lives come in large part from communication with others. At the local level that may mean through face-to-face interaction, talking on the phone, or sending an email. At the community level it may even come in the form of a neighborhood newsletter. However, there are other levels of these stories being spread by regional, national, and international media as well. The stories told about our communities that we do not experience firsthand still add to the overall beliefs about that community. ...more