April 1st: The Day the Internet Changed My Life

No joke: Tomorrow is a very special and wonderful anniversary for me. Seven years ago today the internet helped me have a baby. Seriously. Wait. Do you not know this story? Oh, it's a good one. And it's nice to be reminded that the people on the other end of the wires and tubes and webs of our computing devices are as connected to us as we will allow them to be. ...more
Wow!  I hadn't heard your story before.  Seriously, the online infertility community is just THE ...more

Community - The Whole Is Not Merely Equal To The Sum Of Its Parts

What some of you might not know (or even suspect) after meeting me at #BlogHer14 is that I suffer from severe anxiety. If I hung out with you at all during this year's conference in San Jose, you'll probably be scratching your head on that one. The reality is, at times my anxiety in public and social settings is almost crippling....more
I'm glad I read this, Lucy (thanks to knowing Kathy Radigan).  We probably belong to the same ...more

I Didn't Find My Tribe at BlogHer '14

I found my village. Seems that it has become pretty popular to write about, or talk about, finding one's "tribe." Finding a like-minded group to which to belong. A group that thinks in ways similar to you; or rallies around a cause or champions a segment of society. In the blogging world, seems a "tribe" can be expressed as "mom bloggers," or "food bloggers," "one-cause bloggers (i.e. breast cancer), or "women of ___" [certain ethnicity]. And there seems to be great value in this for those who belong to such. ...more
This is such a great perspective. The only place I felt like I belonged to a tribe was in the ...more

Coming back to the fold!

Hi everyone,I am back and I apologize for not keeping up on the blog.  You know I have learned a lot about this style of communication.  First and foremost, this is really hard and it takes a dedicated focused person to maintian a steady stream of information.  You girls are my hero, I am your struggling child in this new world!...more

Lessons Learned from Doing NaBloPoMo

Cue "Eye of the Tiger" playing on my iPod. We'll call it mood music, because today's post is all about what I've learned participating in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) through BlogHer. Get comfortable, grab some Ramen noodles (kudos if you get the reference) and let's rehash all the things I've learned through this process. ...more
@rufers54 I think it's awesome you challenged yourself! :-) And it totally makes you a writer :)more

BlogHer Withdrawal

I had been temporarily cut off, struggling to log on and be a part of women who blog. A glitch with my password, or something of the sort, that had me and my connection to BlogHer (Denise Tanton) perplexed. What I learned from my temporary absence is how much I miss this community....more

Given my tech challenges no doubt there will be more questions in the future. For now, all is ...more

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