Companion Planting with Herbs

Companion planting, planting certain plants together to benefit one or both of them, has been practiced for centuries. Modern science can find no basis for the practice but gardeners swear by it. Companion plants can improve the flavor or health of plants, improve the soil, attract beneficial insects or repel pests. Herbs can do all of these things....more

MzLimitless Chooses to Eat & Live Green in 2011 and Beyond

Mz. Limitless has been away from BlogHer for some time. I'm back with updates from my newest blog creation: Eat & Live Green. Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: Powered by FeedBurner Make sure you subscribe to get all the latest updates, news, and posts from Eat & Live Green: Organic Living Simplified.Mz.

Digging the Dirt: Invaders, Edible Landscapes, Movies and more. A Garden Blog Round Up

Feel lucky, Petunia?  Instructables and NatureMill are holding a Get in the Garden Contest running from June 3rd, to July 20, 2009. ...more