It's Apples to Apples Except when You're a Pear

We’re well into the the new year and my resolution still stands. I’m not comparing. In fact, I said it out loud to myself when I found a beautiful arrangement of several types of perfect-looking homemade cookies wrapped in a big gold bow on our front porch.  ...more

Stop Comparing Your Child's Behavior to Others': It's Just A Moment

As a parent, I find that we're quick to judge ourselves or our children based on the moments we see with our own eyes.  During a recent trip, I spent an hour on a boat with my daughter waiting to see dolphins that never appeared.  So, the novelty of the boat ride itself wore off quickly.  Like many moms on that boat, I found myself pulled about the boat searching for ... well, who really knows what a 3 year old is searching for....more


I was talking with a friend about how I feel as a mom and a blogger. We both read blogs by homeschooling moms who seem to have it all together, being creative teachers, great homemakers, have beautiful blogs and printables...and sometimes I feel less than adequate. I know I shouldn't compare myself to them, but that's something we all do in our own way, isn't it?...more

Small steps for a grand plan

Today I had one of those come-to-insert-higher-power-of-choice moments. It started as a slight scolding from someone who is looking out for me in more than one way (which I deserved), twisted and turned into "I've been where you are" stories, and ended on a positive, action-oriented note....more

Thank you! I absolutely will be blogging about it once I get back. I can't wait - I firmly ...more