The Comparison Trap: Why We Compare Our Children to Others

I work a few times a month at a non-profit dental clinic for children. Just last week, I saw a sweet 13-month-old boy who could already say about 20 words. That's more than my own son who is almost two. When I came home, I was telling my husband about this little boy, when he stopped me mid-sentence and asked, "Why do you keep doing that? You're always comparing." ...more
StrollerSavvy I hadn't even thought about the feelings of mommas whose kids are ahead, as mine ...more

The Thief of Joy...In Our Passion

You have to know where I’m going with this just by the title…it’s a post on comparison and how it is the true thief of joy....more

The Type of Comparison that's Good for Your Soul

Comparison is an ugly little beast. There’s a lot of time and energy wasted, pondering what someone else is doing. What her website looks like. What type of program she’s launching. What blog topics she writes about.And, I’m learning that there’s only one type of comparison that I want to take part in....more

Composers, Comparisons, & a Light bulb

One of my favorite movies of all time is Amadeus. In my essay, “Music and Beer, (p. 60)” I talk at length about being taken to see that movie by my music teacher when I was a young child, and how the movie began my love affair with classical music and my adoration of the brilliant composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. To this day, I feel love anytime I hear any of Mozart’s music or play one of his pieces on my flute....more
I loved AMADEUS too, and think you have named the real point of it. Even if we are not as good ...more

Seduction at Sea

            Sailors who have been on a voyage away from dry land for far too long always report a sighting of a maiden sitting atop a rock, singing, while combing her long, beautiful hair. Her song is so magical and enticing that sailors do lose their focus and end up crashing against the rocks in the shallow water. From earliest times, every nation on earth has claimed waters were filled with half-fish, half-human beings....more

If They Ate It, Why Can't I?

I think comparison is something that is almost ingrained in women.  At some point or another I'm sure we've all been guilty of comparing our clothes, house, life, etc. to someone else.  We may all try not to but it happens and actually, I'm sure men do it to just not as often.Since becoming hooked on the blog world I've definitely fallen into the food comparison trap from time to time.  It's an easy thing to do when you read so many blogs that share amazing photos of delicious looking meals and recipes....more

Are You Threatened By Other People’s Success?

Mike Robbins...more

Symptoms of Social Networking

As a little girl, I remember the phone ringing on our home land line, my mom answering; sitting down at a kitchen table chair for long phone conversations, or cleaning the kitchen counters, the rigatoni rope cord reaching across to the sink, for short talks. ...more

Blog Excerpt: Reflections and Gratitude

This past weekend was a bit difficult for me emotionally because of the warm weather…unexpected for Chicago at this time of year. I realized that as crazy as it sounds, this is a trigger for me. I love this weather, but when I’m out and about, especially if I’m by myself, I have a tendency to “people watch.” People watching is not harmful in itself, but when I begin that ...more Oh thank you so much Robin...tears are falling...happy tears. :') Grateful ...more

Is the Justice System Star Struck: A look at how different justice would be for you and me versus Lindsay Lohan

Makes you wonder what is wrong with our justice system when an actor can break the law and avoid ...more