Comparing between the use of butter and margrine in Lemon Curd

My love for lemons is returning now that the sun is shining and the flowers are in bloom. It never was really gone, just sitting there on the back burner because I didn't want y'all to think "another lemon recipe, geesh, get over it already."So I took a little break and made other foods. Of course I feel the same way about coconut. Just give me endless lemons and coconut and I will be a happy girl! Oh all the recipes I still have to try with my two loves, lemon and coconut.Which brings us to this recipe, Lemon Curd. I've seen this recipe everywhere and I've been wanting to make it but just never have....until now. And I've got to ask myself "what in the world was I thinking to put off this recipe for so long?" I mean yummy, sweet, lemon curd reminds me of a lemon pudding, it's just thicker and has a little more zing....more

I Stopped Monitoring My Blog Stats, and I Can Finally Breathe

I wanted to encourage any readers I had by being honest and real. I wanted to help others know they weren’t alone in what they were feeling or experiencing. But something got in the way of that simple goal. There was one little thing that I naively added to the first website. Just like an adorable gremlin, I thought it would be this interesting little thing that ended up being a controlling, freaky monster. My stats monitor became my measuring stick of how "good" I was. ...more
I keep a stats page, that I usually update monthly, but I haven't remembered to update it for ...more

Finding Freedom From The Comparison Trap

Comparison. This word has the power to suck the joy out of motherhood. I experienced it for the first time shortly after I had my firstborn. While I was in the thick of feeling clueless as a first time mom, I started to research what I should be doing during each stage and when I could expect him to hit various milestones. As friends had babies around the same time, I found myself comparing my baby’s progress with theirs. Comparison....more

A Lesson From The Playground

Several months ago, as I was strolling through the Panhandle, I observed a scene that leaped into my heart at once. A birthday party for what looked like a four- or five-year-old was happening in the playground.A group of ten or so children, a few grown-ups in tow, were scurrying around, sliding, swinging, and generating that unmistakable shrieking, giggling sound of play. It was so normal that I would have walked right past had one little boy not caught my attention....more

Why YOU Deserve a Gold Star, Mama!

When I was in elementary school I had a teacher who gave out little gold star stickers for excellent work. At one point, one of my classmates decided to exhibit her gold star on the outside of her Lisa Frank folder, which immediately began a trend and soon all of our folders glittered and shined with our second grade achievements....more

On Fear

I'm going to tell you a story, one that I don't think I've told many people or anyone.. that I can think of at this moment.. ...more

When Is Too Much Shopping "Too Much"?

So... let's talk. ...more

Bigger than yours...

I used to really like the band Korn. Ok, I'm not gonna lie.  I still really like the band Korn, but I just don't allow myself to listen to their music with little ears around.  But lately, there has been this one line of one particular song that is not a nice line but keeps just running through my mind.  Over and over I hear him monster screaming "My (BLEEP) is bigger than YOURS." Now, some of you might find that a little disturbing. Heck, I find it disturbing. ...more