Ride the Wave: Hawaii 5-0’s Surprising Lesson in Thankfulness

Just the other night, I was watching one of my favorite TV shows, “Hawaii 5-0,” where one of the main characters featured in that night’s episode was a young woman, a veteran, who’d served in Afghanistan, during which time she’d lost both legs. The show was forthright in its brief portrayal of some of the tough challenges such vets can face: depression, falling into substance abuse to alleviate the physical and mental anguish, homelessness....more

Help! I Didn't Get the Memo!

 A good friend of mine was reeling after a breakup with his serious girlfriend.  He confided in me that while still seeing his serious girlfriend, he had met another girl and had started dating her.  He told his serious girlfriend about it and she broke up with him.   ...more
Good read. I agree, there is always a reason why people react a certain way. We are used to our ...more

The Feminine Influence

Let's Focus on the People

In the last year, I would assume that you have seen, read, or been a part of a debate regarding one of the following: Black Lives Matter, Breast Feeding, Trump, Transgender people, gun laws, Hillary, Muslims, Christians or some other major debate. I am not against these debates. On the contrary, I believe a healthydebate can change hearts and minds and require one another to open their minds and learn about beliefs outside of their own....more


Can justice be compassionate? Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more


May we remember that the extent to which we all experience is peace and joy is connected to the peace and joy of others. Let us work on filling this world with peace and joyInspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

The Thank You Project - Social experiment of Real people sharing Love

 The Thank You Project I wanted to create this video to honour the things in life that we are grateful for.We often focus on trying to fix ourselves or the circumstances in our life rather than to appreciate what we already have. So as Thanksgiving was coming up I thought that a small reminder that we have so much to be grateful for in life would be in place....more

No Compassion For Anyone But Themselves

Has compassion left the building? Does everyone with skin any shade darker than white pose a threat to us? Conservatives want President Obama to bomb ISIL, but have no answer when familes, desperate for safe haven, arrive at our border seeking asylum. I saw on the news last night a map of the country highlighting in red the states where governors have stood their ground, refusing to accept Syrian refugees. Wow. How tough are they....more

Please Don't Lose Your Compassion

Jessica Barrett@jessbarretttnwww.mrsjonescoulduseabeer.com   ...more