The Face Of Depression

    While the country is reeling from the loss of Robin Williams, we find ourselves asking the same question over and over---what would drive one of America's most beloved comedians to end his life? On the surface he had everything: a unique brand of humor that brought him fame, a loving family and a multitude of adoring fans. How could he have been so unhappy?...more

Entertaining Empathy for Change

This post originally appeared on my blog, Please feel free to pass along.I have a funny post pending for tomorrow. Today is something else I need to discuss. Today I am not funny. I read a lot of online news and such (it's slow at work right now), and the past few days I've been pretty disgusted.  ...more

Feeling Irritated? Get Curious!

My cat woke me up in the middle of the night meowing loudly. My first instinct whenever something happens that I don't like is to get angry and resist that it's happening. Even though I was half-asleep, I managed to breathe and remember that he doesn't do this every night....more

Do You Love Me?

Do you love me? I often wonder what the ulterior motive is when this question is asked. Is it a selfish question from a needy and insecure person meant to put a significant other on the spot? Is it a need for affirmation in a world that is often unkind, cold and distant? Should it even be asked? Compassionate people cannot help but love....more

The "Compassion Gap"

Elizabeth highlighted this op-ed on her Facebook page on Sunday and, as it is fairly short, I urge you to go read it before you continue reading this post.  It makes me sad that the author is so spot-on as he calls out the responses of so many of his readers.  I agree with him that there is a lack of compassion in general in this country (and maybe in others - I don't honestly know because I'm only here), but more specifically online. ...more


I had my week fairly planned out. Blog posts written and scheduled. Activities to help Hun in starting the business. And the normal every day routines of our family.Then.Then life happened. Life happened and I'm rolling with it.My father, one whom I've had a tenuous relationship with for my entire adult life, is now sick. He's very sick. ICU sick. ICU with a ventilator sick.Fortunately, I have done much deep and tough work, such that any frustration, disappointment, anger, and loss can be put to the side quickly and not interfere with right now....more
inevertoldher Over this past weekend, he was taken off the ventilator and *just today* he was ...more

Meet Hate with Kindess and Understanding

 I love Brene Brown. She encourages people to be vulnerable because it allows us to develop deeper relationships and to feel both positive and negative emotions more fully....more

What Not To Say To Someone Grieving

When people are grieving, it can be difficult to know how to comfort, how to offer a word of healing, and how to express how you truly feel.  Oftentimes, due to this discomfort, we resort to common clichés or even Scripture that often are used at an inappropriate time or context.  What are some of these common blunders, though meant to offer comfort, that often hurt the ones who are encountering loss or grief?  Here is a list of just a few of them. “&nb...more

A Tale Involving a Banana

Today, my son taught me about compassion and consequence.  He is four....more