Random Acts of Kindness

I’m on the subway this morning.  As usual, it’s crowded.  I’m standing with my fellow commuters, shoulder to shoulder, and uncomfortably close.  I start to feel someone’s eyes on me, so I look up.  A large woman with a shaved head is staring at me.  Hard.I look down.  Did I step on this woman’s foot when I got on the train and not realize it?  Is she now grilling me because she is plotting her revenge?  I briefly look up again.  Yep, still staring.  Now she’s talking to her friend about me.  ...more

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

Reminiscing... It all started with four simple words from the soft-spoken young cashier at the grocery store as she rang through the eclectic assortment of foodstuffs I'd chosen to carry my husband and I through a quiet New Year's Eve at home. "I like your hair," she said shyly. ...more

Working Wardrobes: Don't Be Stingy With Your Compliments

In one of those little, temporary lulls halfway through a meeting, one woman tapped another on the shoulder and whispered, “Great boots!” Yeah, that put a smile on the face of the one who was decked out in the great boots. There are two points we can draw from that conversational fragment:  1) Oh, how the mind can wander in a meeting! 2) Don’t be stingy with your compliments!  ...more

Spring into Family Improvements with Compliment Day

You can find serenity in having compliment day with your family. Sometimes, when there is more than one child in a family, sibling rivalry occurs and the children will bicker and argue with each other. Often when that bickering and arguing occurs, it tends to drive a mother off the ledge into insanity. Or perhaps that is just at my house. I am the mother of four children ranging in age from 17 to 5....more

Personal Development: How to Treat Compliments and Criticisms

“Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.” ~ Winston Churchill Everyone has had it happen. You ask for feedback, you say you want feedback, but when you actually get some constructive feedback you become defensive. Taking constructive criticism well is a difficult but vital skill to learn.  But equally important is the ability to not let compliments consume you, either. Because, compliments and criticism are just reflections of each other.  In order to properly handle criticism, you also need to properly handle compliments. If someone excessively flatters you for a minor success, you need to internalize it the same way you would internalize a scathing insult.The person that is easily flattered is also easily criticized. ~ Scott H. Young...more

Accepting Compliments

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 
Talk about the last compliment you received.

I received a compliment yesterday from a female co-worker that my outfit looked really nice. I thanked her, which was a big thing for me to do. The first 50 years of my life I found it difficult to take a compliment.After raising children with one left in college and bullied by a boss for the past 12 years, I appreciate those compliments a lot more than I used too because they are going to be a lot fewer and far between. Thank you for the compliment, I appreciate it. I can say it. ...more


NaBloPoMo November 2012 Prompt Wednesday, November 7, 2012: Talk about the last compliment you received. The most recent compliment I received was from my husband, just today, when he told me that I am a very strong person. ...more

Do you define your beauty based on Men’s compliments?

Some women receive compliments from men in a very fragile manner. This article is not directed to all women, but just the ones that do as described. They just can’t seem to seem to take a compliment merely as a valued an opinion. I have witnessed close friends and associates of mine who take compliments and pick up lines from random male strangers way too literal and personal. If the man is says something negative to them about their appearance, they allow the comment to threatened their esteem....more
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Backhanded Compliment Of the day