Compost My Life; Lord

 I started composting my pile this time last year. It seemed like it took forever!! But, it was worth it because it has been a great experience for the kids learning about oxygen, nitrogen, etc. etc.,,,,,, I got a few tips from Earth EasyAnd from that I had an idea....more

Reducing food waste, one vegetable scrap at a time

 "I WAS SAVING THOSE!""They were GROSS!""I WAS SAVING THOSE FOR A REASON!"Huff. Puff. Door slam. Cold shoulder.We don't fight about much, but oh did Mr. T and I exchange words over the vast pile of egg shells he threw away without my permission.Yes, I said egg shells....more

What's a Composting Toilet?

Though much less stigmatized and more commonplace than even 5 years ago, it still feels awkward to tell people  Jamie and I met online. Further blush-inducing is admitting one of the primary reasons I was intrigued by her profile was mention of her homemade composting toilet. A couple of messages back and forth and I learned it's a fancy name for a 5 gallon bucket enclosed by a wooden square and topped off with a nifty toilet seat. "Since I started adding waste from the composting toilet, my compost is the healthiest it's ever been," she said....more

The Compostable Toothbrush

There are plenty of "compostable" products out there and I am suspicious of them all. Truth is, nearly everything disintegrates, eventually. But the real question is, how long does it take? A millennium? And what becomes of the original material? Is it helpful or harmful to the environment? Even plastic bags eventually break down into smaller bits of plastic that, of course, end up being consumed by animals, fish, you and me. ...more

Make your own Compost Bin out of Concrete Blocks

Maybe you're noticing a theme here- I like concrete b...more

5 Reasons to Compost

Gardeners and sustainable activists get excited as the word composting is mentioned. This process improves the environment and your home life in many ways as this process becomes a habit.1.Reducing greenhouse emissionsEach time your organic waste goes to the landfill, the sitting waste produces the term coined as "greenhouse" gases of methane and CO2 that are then trapped within our atmosphere, which is what has caused our climate to drastically change and for global warming to occur so rapidly....more

My new hair and Project Green Foot- Week 15

Saturday was a girl day out for this mom, and some much needed time alone. I went to Iona Hair Salon for the second time in Fort Worth to get my hair colored and cut....more

Project Green Foot Week 14

Saturday was a fulfilled day for us- we travelled to Dallas for the day. There were a few things that we needed to do. Little E desperately needed some warmers clothing, like long sleeve shirts and sweaters. We headed to H&M to pick up some stuff- they sell organic cotton and recycled clothing in their conscious collection which I love. The summer clothing we have for her right now is not cutting it. I know we could have bought secondhand, but I prefer that little E wears clothing that is free of pesticides and toxins....more

Project Green Foot and an ugly veg

When I went to pick up our CSA basket, I saved 5 peppers, a few heads of lettuce, and celery from either the trash or compost. They were all on their last legs, so our local farmer just added it it all to my basket free of charge knowing I would juice the lettuce and celery! That really make my day....more

The path to happiness is dirty hands!

Compost can help save your sanity (or at least make a positive contribution). ...more