My Compost Pile. It's Alive!

BlogHer '11: Greening a Conference

There are many challenges when producing a conference -- and one of the biggest is being eco-friendly. At BlogHer '11 this year, we did many things in an effort to be green. We do know it's not only about "recycle," so there was also a healthy dose of "re-use and reduce" in the mix! ...more
just wanted to thank you, Lori! i read over on Beth's blog you all are taking steps to help ...more

MzLimitless Chooses to Eat & Live Green in 2011 and Beyond

Mz. Limitless has been away from BlogHer for some time. I'm back with updates from my newest blog creation: Eat & Live Green. Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: Powered by FeedBurner Make sure you subscribe to get all the latest updates, news, and posts from Eat & Live Green: Organic Living Simplified.Mz.

Chicken Compost In my fantasy version of the rural life there is no mention, whiff or sight of poo. Anywhere. Much less the poo-bears that have been accumulating in the chicken yard. They're beastly mounds that roughly resemble Frosty The Snowman in miniature but with an odor all their own. They are the stuff of nightmares....more

New Years Resolution - 10 Ways to Go Green

We all want to try to go green or help sustain the environment but it seems so difficult and time consuming. As my new years resolution I decided I was going to try to find 10 easy ways to "go green." Find out what I did in my most recent post.New Years Resolution - 10 Ways to Go Green...more

Eco-Fails: When Good Green Goals Get Ugly

Going green while saving green often means creative DIYing. Turn old pants into a new cute handbag! Make your own jam in the exact flavor you want! Grow your own food to feel self-sufficient! And DIY projects often have a nice bonus: You feel more resilient, skillful, empowered. Except -- DIYing isn't so empowering if you suck at it. ...more
Hey, great article. I laughed a few times at this.more

Earth To Humans.....

…..You’re all a bunch of idiots! Thankfully, more than one billion people in over 190 countries around the world will be taking part in Earth Day 2010 today. This is an opportunity to spread awareness & take steps towards making retribution for the state of our planet....more

Spring fever!!

Seems everyone is in the spirit with spring looming large. The snow is finally melted, the tulips are reaching for the sun, and the birds are singing. The weather is on and off, but, the kids are thrilled to have more than a few short minutes to spend outside a few times during the week. The neighbors have all reappeared and it feels so good to reconnect. You don't realize just how much you hibernate until spring arrives. Winter seems so long, dreary, and isolating. Spring, then, feels so freeing, so liberating, and so beautiful. ...more

September Gardening: The Botany of Desire, Lawn Reform Coalition, Compost and more

An early fall Saturday is hopefully perfect for getting out the garden and getting some real work done, but we all need to return inside for a break or two.  Spend this time checking out some the highlights from many of the gardening blogs: In The News: Andrea Bellamy, from Heavy Petal, had a chance to preview the Michael Pollan Special that will be playing on PBS later this fall: The Botany of Desire. ...more