Recycling, Climate Change, & Blogher08

A week ago, Siel wrote a great post called De-Plasticking BlogHer 2009! in which she discusses all the plastic at Blogher08 and ways that the next Blogher conference could be even more eco-friendly. And right after the conference, I too blogged about the plastic waste at Blogher. ...more

I agree that using re-usables and compostables are the best way to go. It takes such emense ...more

Environmentally responsible gardening.

Gardners everywhere share certain concerns: water, fertilizers, pests.  How they deal with these concerns varies depending on the garden, and the gardener.  From an environmentally responsible standpoint there are ways to deal with each of these concerns. Water: Xeriscaping uses native plants that are generally drought-tolerant and pest-resistent. ...more

Gardening 101: Compost Doesn't Happen

This past week, armed only with a garden fork, I worked for an hour at making my own soil, mixing together kitchen scraps, shredded papers, and the remains collected in our vacuum.  ...more

When we decided to compost I just bought one bin... didn't see the need for the 3 bin process, ...more

Successful apartment composting stories wanted

If you have a lawn or garden, you can easily transform food scraps into healthy, eco-friendly, compost. All you need to compost is basically a bin with holes at the bottom. But apartment-dwellers who don't want to send fruit peels and veggie pieces to the landfill have a harder go of it. You need more involved equipment -- and have to get more involved yourself. This is why I haven't started composting yet. ...more

Tonight I was in Griffith Park and saw that there's a composting station there, where I figure I ...more

Demystifying Compost

In the last week or so, I've fielded a few questions from friends about compost. Then I also noticed a few comments on the various green blogs I read indicating that people had either tried composting and failed, or were too confused to even start it. So I wanted to provide some steps, some reassurance, and some resources on this, my favorite way to reduce waste and improve soil fertility. What is compost? ...more

The more I read about this the more motivated I become. Here's another article that gives a ...more

Wait! Are you sure that's recyclable?

Since I started this project, I've run across many misconceptions (including my own) about what is and isn't recyclable. What makes the issue so confusing is that every city has its own rules about what can and can't be placed in curbside bins. Some areas require more separation of recyclables than others. Even among a few environmental activists I've met, there is confusion about recycling. ...more

She has lived in this town longer than I have and insists that white paper and lightweight ...more

Green Gardening - Conserving Water

With the warm weather, gardening is a very common activity. Of course, efficient water use is essential to having a truly green garden. Below are some great simple water conservation tips obtained from Go for Green - The Active Living and Environment Program website: **Plan and design your garden with water conservation in mind. For example, group plants with similar moisture requirements close together. Thus, you can water the thirsty plants as they need replenishing, rather than the whole garden. ...more

Where I live in southern Florida, we are under water restrictions a lot. The current restriction ...more