Worm Girl

I'm a mom and an early childhood educator. Worm composting happened for me by accident, but its become a regular part of my household and my curriculum because it makes so much sense and it's just so cool!It's not hard to do and I'm happy to help anyone get started. Join me in my adventures of composting with the kids. ...more

Cantaloupe Cream Shooters

Composting 101

* This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I may receive a percentage of any purchases made.Whether you're just looking for a place to throw your lawn trimmings or you want to do a full re-vamp of what you're putting in the landfill what you need to do is start your own compost pile....more

Making a Compost Bin

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. We had a great evening with a couple of friends, good food, and drinks. We are avoiding the crowds of black Friday shoppers, though we may walk to a nearby park.Last weekend I made a compost bin for our yard. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for awhile, but one thing or another prevented me. Finally I decided to just go for it.We have a pretty small backyard and it is mostly patio. We have a few feet of grass though. I wanted to start the compost bin to reduce the waste we throw out, and for the herb garden I plan to start....more

My Love Of Composting

(It hasn't been turned for a couple of weeks, due to my back....more

We've Got Worms

    That's right we have worms and we're proud!  How often do you hear that sentiment?  First let me lay your worries to rest neither of the puppies have worms, they're healthy as always.  As far as I know chickens don't get worms, they do eat them but they don't get sick with worms.  Guess how many worms we have?...more

Composting, Gardening & Rehtaeh Parsons Update

The composts are starting to get my attention, now that the weather is slowly warming up. It rained most of last week, on and off throughout the days, so I left the compost lids off to catch all of the free water....more

Composting Results, Summer of 2012

I started this years compost in May and was finally able to use the compost this past week. So it took a little less than 4 months, which isn't bad. I'm thinking that I'm going to continue composting throughout the cooler & then colder weather. It will take longer to decompose but I feel a little guilty when I toss scraps into the garbage, just because it's December.Okay, on to the good stuff....more

Earth Day, Every Day

Earth Day is the day we celebrate the earth. It is the one day out of the year that people from all over the world come together to plant trees, pledge to compost and/or recycle more, remember their reusable mugs and bags. It seems to me that people sometimes forget that the earth needs some love the other 364 days out of the year.  ...more
check out http://t.co/dSx1vmWf for glass straws... & happy #EarthDay!(everyday!) @jamoore100 ...more

Our Worm Farm Adventure! (An Update.)

"] Our worm farms today... the worms have eaten all the lettuce leaves we put in there from before. The red and green you can sort of see in there is from the tops of strawberries we had with breakfast this morning. :) ...more