Do We Have to Call It 'Sex Ed?'

I have written about Sex Ed before, both its importance and the fact that I believe we are doing families and students a disservice by calling it that. ...more

What Do You Do When a Junior High Teacher Is a Porn Star?

Have you seen the story coming out of the Associated Press about the California junior high teacher thought to be moonlighting as a "hard-core" porn star? I have two teenagers, one in junior high and one in high school, and when I first heard this, I couldn't imagine what I'd do if this were one of their teachers. It was a bad judgment call on the teacher's part, no doubt. How long did she think, in this tech and media savvy world, she'd go unnoticed? I mean, I know teacher's salaries aren't what they should be, and many have to take on second jobs...but couldn't she have just gotten a job greeting customers at Bath and Body Works or selling Amway to make some extra cash?...more
The inevitable result of the Porn Star Teacher remaining in the classroom will be the further ...more

When All Men Are Potential Pedophiles: The Park & Rec Board Weighs in on "Proper Swimwear"

The hostility punched me in my gut as I entered the meeting room last night. I was there to talk about this summer's "pool attire" incident when I was told to put a top on my three-year-old daughter. I explained as I've already done to the pool manager and the pool manager's supervisor, that I find the request offensive in its sexualization of little girls....more

Does your teen have an STD? The stats continue to worsen.

Last night, while posting my "hellos" on Facebook, I noticed someone I knew is dating someone I KNOW has an STD. Since I know both people, the alarms in my head warned me that drama could ensue. Ignoring the worry I could lose a friend, I picked up the phone. After all, this young lady could end up with an STD and I had the power to speak up. And so I did. The two involved, just out of their teen years, are like many young people today. You'd never suspect an STD, but that's what 1 in 4 have....more

End Abstinence Only Education

Ever have someone who regularly engages in casual sex tell you that they don’t use condoms because condoms are useless and don’t provide any protection? They know this because that is what they were “taught in school.” Condoms are just a scam. Welcome to the glorious reality of abstinence only education! The more I think about it the more pissed off I get. These people who are teaching kids that condoms are useless should be held criminally responsible. ...more

Send a T-Shirt to Bristol Palin

Choice Matters Applauds Bristol Palin Bristol Palin has declared she doesn’t believe in abstinence-only education because it’s “not realistic at all.” The temptation is to be glib, to say “duh! You think after getting pregnant and having the baby, while a teenager in high school…” but that would be an easy shot and a meaningless one. ...more