Tech Took the Human out of Human Resources

Human Resources is a lovely discipline occupied by thousands of wonderfully insightful intelligent people. Formally, the field is referred to as Industrial/Organizational Psychology (or the name on your degree). The science behind Human Resources aims to make organizations more productive while ensuring productive and healthy lives for its workers. Translation: workers happy, company thrives. They even used to call it PERSONnel! ...more

Soon, I will be graduating with my master's degree. Knowing that many people will be searching ...more

Cool Technology

I was reading a magazine and they where talking about all these cool new gagets. One of them is a portable USB motem it's about the size of a packet of gum it's available from verizon wireless. I looked it up online because I have a laptop but can't use the internet on it because I don't have Wi-Fi for it and it dosen't work for some reason by itself so I thought getting this would be the perfect thing for me. I might ask for one for christmas since I can't afford it right now although it is not super expensive you can get the rebate and it's about 70 dollars for a two ...more

Savvy Context: The Crowd Weighs in on Paper

Instead of writing this post from inside my own little bubble, I asked some friends what they thought of writing on paper. I find that it's much more satisfying for me to put the ink on the page myself rather than relying on a computer. I think that writing on paper makes the writing more personal. —Kandi H. Want more? Read more on the FRINGE BLOG. ...more

Party Over Here!

I have a tendency to go into the computer zone and get lost in cyberspace for hours.  Between composing letters, typing minutes, creating outlines, updating the blog, visiting other folks’ blogs and websites, doing research and playing solitaire when I need to veg between projects, I can stay at the computer and not move for hours.  Not moving is not good. ...more

Yes, it is THAT important

“Dude, you almost done with that?” “Yeah, just a second, I’m regulating some body fluids right now.” “Ok, well, I just took some aspirin, so I could use the kidney if you’re almost finished.” “Give me a minute, I’m almost finished.” “I’m just saying! You’ve had the kidney for a while now and I need it the minute you’re done.” “I forgot my kidneys at the apartment, so can’t you just use one of the other ones?” ...more

Succumbing to Drew Barrymore's Boyfriend

So anyway, I got this pen for my birthday last week: OK, it's not a's a friggin' laptop! ...more

What's a mommy to do?

My brother is into computers and he gave us a computer two years ago. It's really old and can't handle storing anything or an Internet connection. My fiance's sister gave us a nice computer so we gave the old one to our children. My four year old loves playing with it. Unfortunately my four year old ,whom his neurologist said he may have developmental delays due to seizures he experienced at birth, his neurologist has no idea what he was talking about. We created an administrative account so he couldn't crash the computer for a second time. ...more

Has Your Computer Forced You To Take A Sick Day?

When my children were young there was a day care for sick kids. It was this place where your kids could lay on cots, watch videos ,and drink juice to their hearts content. It was the kind of place you would take your kids when they were not so ill that you would have felt like a horrid mother for abandoning them but were too sick to go to pre-school. ...more

I was a MAC user until 2001 and the "plan" is to get a new MAC this spring. I was trying to ...more

Confessions of an Insomniac: What happened to happily ever after?

Romance, love, marriage, living happily ever after … Was I dreaming? I was listening to the radio the other day, and I was horrified by the topic of discussion – divorce software. With computers rapidly phasing out traditional forms of communication and software quickly taking over the roles of humans, it only makes sense that divorce software found its way to the market. Read the rest of this entry >> ...more

Making Money on the Internet

If you want to make money on the internet and have the freedom of working from home, get creative and build a website that offers: either quality content and/or a product or service people actually want. I know that's not what you wanted to hear at this point, but it's the only honest and genuine way of making a living on the internet. It might sound impossible, but many others have done it. Here is some ideas I've picked up over the years, but don't be afraid to try something new: ...more