Grad Commencement 2011: What's All This Talk About Failure?

A quick scan of the star-studded 2011 college commencement key-note speaker line-up discloses an interesting trend. Seems like everybody wants to talk about failure. Usually commencement speeches are all positivity and light. They tend to be about how new graduates have the world in their hands; how anything is possible; how they, the freshly educated and trialed-by-fire scholars, must move on to be the new world leaders. So why, in Heaven's name, would so many of the aged and sage graduation key-noters dwell on things gone wrong? How is it that suddenly failure is a good thing?...more

Along with humor and engaging audiences, it's a challenge to offer a diverse audience a message ...more

NBC's Leno/O'Brien Debacle: Audiences Chuckle, Letterman Laughs

This NBC Leno/O'Brien late night brouhaha is better than "All My Children" in its heyday.  It's got everything:...more

You're so right, Deb.  Their best jokes are on Twitter!

Neither show was ...more

Jay Leno Crowned King of NBC: Winners and Losers

If you're a Jay Leno fan, NBC just gave you an extra hour and a half of sleep.  If you're not a Jay Leno fan, NBC just cut you out of about 23% of their primetime schedule.  That's because today NBC announced that comedian Jay Leno has cut a deal to do a show, suspiciously like his current "Tonight Show" in primetime at 10 PM.  And here's the kicker, five nights a week.  That means next fall, Jay Leno will be the King of NBC. ...more

I hear you, Becca.  Sounds like it's time to fire up your DVR and get busy recording stuff ...more

WGA Strike Continues: I Am Working on My Beard, Too

You following the Writers' Guild of America strike at all? It's been going on now since November 5th, I was surprised to learn. (Time flies, eh?) My interest was rekindled in the last couple of days by something trivial: The Strike Beard, worn by those in support of the strike. Photo credit: AP. ...more

I'm not a big union person, I think that the majority of the reasons for founding unions have ...more