It's a pep talk! Go for it!

Last week I traveled to an organizational client site to facilitate a workshop in which participants received a comprehensive feedback report filled with perceptions from their managers, peers, direct reports, and other co-workers (360-degree assessment feedback); and I played a dual role: I was a facilitator/coach and I was a participant who got my own feedback.My feedback told me this: I’m seen as being great at building relationships and listening (whew!) and that I’m seen as not being as assertive and influential as I could be (hmmm)....more

Can "Playing House" Sound Too Much Like Real Life?

My children have a friend that we see quite regularly. Recently, though, I have noticed that on EVERY occasion the pretend play revolves around playing house. Normally, this would be fine, however, the "couple" (sometimes a princess dating a race car or a regular family with baby doll children) seem to be rather whiny and fussy towards one another. I feel that I might be hearing private conversations from this child's house. Am I being overly concerned about this area of imaginary play? Should I just leave them alone? I’m just worried that the neighbor child, who is rather young, is overly concerned with boy/girl relationships. Or is that normal?...more
I love the humor in your posts!more

I B Freakin'

A few months ago I wrote about how I was still on the fence about going to BlogHer ’10. Long story short, I spent so much time straddling that damn thing that I missed my chance completely. Early bird registration came and went and then so did all the regular priced tickets....more

While I'd be freaking out too just because it's me and it's BlogHer, the truth is you will have ...more

Calibrate Your Concerns and Influence

Circle of concern - what you are worried about. When you increase your circle of concern you give more of your energy to not being present now.  Instead you use your energy to imagine bad things happening. You increase your own anxiety and angst. You upset yourself. Circle of influence - what you can control, your own behavior. ...more