An Illegal Hit

The worst case scenario in football, our son was tackled and sustained a concussion. My husband and I watched it happen to our fourth grade son. We saw him slammed into as the other player speared him from the side in an illegal hit leading with his helmet. Our son crumpled to the ground and we could hear him crying from the sidelines. As he sat on the sidelines and watched his team continue the fight without him, he made a choice to go back into the game....more

Why the Movie 'Concussion' Made My Sons NOT Want to Play Football

My kids have wanted to play football since they were little boys, and my husband and I have always said no. We allow them access to every other sport and hobby that they love. They take dance class and play on lacrosse and basketball teams. As a family, we ski and mountain bike. They even take part in a summertime flag football camp, led by a local coach whom I trust. ...more
ElisaC I know. Feel the same way!more

Now scientists can see damage to football players' brains after mild concussions

If someone you love plays football or other sports that are known for concussions, take note: there's a major breakthrough in spotting brain damage.Neuroscientists used a new, enhanced MRI approach and could identify damage to the blood-brain barrier of pro football players after "unreported" trauma and mild concussions.The study followed 29 players - 16 were football players and 13 track and field athletes (who served as controls). All 29 had the MRI-based diagnostic....more

Why is this not already a rule with everything?

(Note: By "footballers" I think they mean soccer players, but this really should apply to all sports anyway.)So the headline reads: "Post-concussion 'return-to-play' decision for footballers should be made solely by doctors." Really? We don't already have that as a rule?...more

Teens' concussions increase risk of suicide attempts

Nobody likes to talk about suicide, especially when it comes to youth. But a new study has found some important statistics about teenagers who have suffered a traumatic brain injury, such as a concussion. According to researchers at St. Michael's Hospital, these teens are at "significantly greater odds" of:1. attempting suicide2. being bullied3. engaging in high-risk behaviors4. becoming a bully5. having sough counseling through a crisis helpline6. having been prescribed meds for depression, anxiety or both7. damaging property...more

More proof of a link between Alzheimer's and concussions

You've likely heard about the NFL players concussions possibly causing Alzheimer's-like symptoms in retirement.But a new study looked at adults age 70 and older to determine if Alzheimer's-like symptoms were related to earlier concussions.The Minnesota study scanned the brains of 589 people. Of those, 448 had no signs of memory problems, and 141 had MCI (mild cognitive impairment) causing memory and thinking problems. All 589 participants were asked if they'd ever a brain injury that involved loss of consciousness or memory.The results?...more

Will NaBloPoMo Heal My Concussion?

This weekend, I was officially diagnosed with my second concussion of the year. The first came when I slammed my head against the headboard. Metal.  And not in a good way. At all. That landed me in the ER on Christmas Eve. This second concussion is courtesy of being rear ended on Friday September 13 and includes a sprained back. ...more

NFL taking cue from Army to add sensors in helmets

I'm so thrilled to hear that the NFL is looking into adding sensors to the helmets to help reduce head injuries.The Army does this now with H.E.A.D.S. - Headborne Energy Analysis and Diagnosistic Systems, which are collect data from hits from explosives (and other blunt impacts). The HEADS measure things like:- location of the impact on the head- magnitude- how long the hit lasts- pressure of the blast- ambient temperature- number of impacts...more


 I wanted to share the story of John Lara a highschool football player who in January was injured in a football game. He was hit and went into a coma, his injuries were life threatening but today he is returning to school after 6 months of rehabilitation. Go to this link to see his story I share this story with you because I believe it is important for parents to be informed about the dangers of athletics....more

Simple sideline test can check athletes (and soldiers) for concussion

Rock on, female researchers!Kristin Bing, Amy Sharma and Teresa Selee created a new test using RADAR that can diagnose a concussion using a very simple test of multitasking.To screen someone, say, on the sideline of a high school football game, one would just: 1. Ask the athlete to walk a short distance while saying the months of the year in reverse order. (e.g. cognitive skill damage)2. Use the RADAR system to show if the person's gait pattern was different than that of a healthy athlete. (e.g. motor skill damage)...more