Ryan Rouses GOP Crowd But Condi Takes the Cake

Tonight at the Republican National Convention, Ryan did what he was supposed to do: deliver a rousing speech that spoke to the party's core values of fiscal restraint, job recovery and a leadership that would not fail in the face of the troubling economic issues that have hampered American's optimism and sense of destiny. Image: © Harry E. Walker/MCT/ZUMAPRESS.com...more
I am not a fan of Professor Rice nor of what I heard of her speech. I love the Condi-Hillary ...more

Condi #1 in GQ's Most Powerful People in DC - It's a Big Deal!

I have been looking for the blog reactions under the "race" and "women of color" or even "feminism" tags on this week's blog posts, and, I have turned up empty. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place or maybe using the wrong search engines. But, I'm sorry, doesn't ANYONE think is it a big deal that a single black woman has been named the MOST POWERFUL PERSON IN WASHINGTON, DC by GQ Magazine? ...more

I've used several of them in a post I wrote about Obama more