Celebrate National Macaroon Day With A Recipe Round-up

Sweet and creamy. Coconutty and crispy around the edges. Macaroons might be one of my favorite...I don't know...cookies? Confections? A little of both? Whatever they are, they're delicious, and to celebrate National Macaroon Day today, I wanted to share some great macaroon recipes with you. ...more
 @Diana Leah Wilson These are the sorts of random things upon which you must rely on BlogHer ...more

Holiday Marshmallows

The holiday season is officially here, and to celebrate, we whipped up a batch of Wicked Good marshmallows -- light, fluffy and creamy, with just enough sweetness and a hint of vanilla. These marshmallows melt like a dream {we topped our Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole with them}, toast up perfectly for s'mores, and make hot chocolate an extra special treat. ...more

Definitely give them a try - they're really easy. Just be sure to add the extract(s)during the ...more