Getting to know your child's teacher

This year, I am going to be better prepared. In Kindergarten, I wasn't fully involved in the one (and only) parent-teacher conference I had with my son's teacher. I (somewhat naively) thought we would have more than one conference. But we didn't. And I missed my chance....more

7 Helpful Tips Before Attending Your Next Conference

Conferences can be very worthwhile, both for business and pleasure. You look forward to the event and can't wait to see friends or colleagues you haven't seen in a while.I attend many conferences each year, both trade shows and meetings. Whether I am a speaker or an attendee, I have learned how to be well prepared for the event.Here are 7 things to do before heading to your next conference that will ease some of the challenges and help you enjoy your time there: ...more

#BlogHer16: Special Event Registration

UPDATED! Please see below.Today we are announcing the process to RSVP for our #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us sponsored special events.What are sponsored special events? These are smaller, more intimate events that take place at #BlogHer16: Experts Among Us that allow sponsors to connect with attendees to talk about product launches, new services, social issues, or just plain informally network and have fun....more
I missed out on all that I wanted to attend. I am most disappointed about missing Adam & Eve :(more

How To Pack For A Writer's Conference

Writing is a private affair....more
goodnessmadness Thanks so much! You just made my morning!!! :)more

Check Out the Gorgeous #BlogHer16 Los Angeles Host Hotel: JW Marriott

It's only February but we are already starting to ramp up the excitement for #BlogHer16, which will be held in Los Angeles this August 4-6. The BlogHer Events and Social Media Teams have big plans to spend the next few months giving you tips, sneak peeks, and helpful local information that will help you make the most of #BlogHer16, starting with a look at our host hotel:  the absolutely gorgeous and luxurious JW Marriott....more
Haute_and_Savvy You're going to love it! ~Melisa JWLALIVEmore

How Are You Organizing Twitter Accounts and Blogs From the Conference?

You're at BlogHer '15! You will have a blast and meet about 5,000 people. The stack of business cards you accumulate will be enormous. Here are a couple of tips to help you keep all those names, faces, Twitter handles, and blogs straight so no one slips through the cracks. ...more
This is really helpful, I find myself buried in the Twitter feed and trying to find the people I ...more

6 Ways to Enjoy the Conference if You're Going Alone

Sometimes I go to the annual BlogHer conference with a group of friends, but then there are other years, like this year, when none of my close blogging friends are going. I mean, there will be people I know there, but they have their close friends there that they want to see. I'm flying solo this year, without a wingwoman, and I'm determined to have as good a time as I would have if I had schlepped 20 people with me. But... uh... if you're in the same position as I am... uh... can we stick together? This is how I get through those conferences that I've attended without friends in tow. ...more
JoyPageManuel I'm pretty sure you're married to my second cousin...we may have met years ...more

My Beautiful Struggle During #BloggerWeek

"The revolution is inside of youPeople, the revolution is here, yeah.....The revolution's hereNo one can lead you off your pathYou'll try to change the world" -Talib Kweli, Beautiful Struggle...more
BrownGirlBoston BlogHer DryerBuzz MsNicola you're welcome!more

Thoughts on #BlogHer14

I never posted it, but I had drafted a post about BlogHer14 anticipation that I was going to schedule for the Thursday I’d be traveling to San Jose.I re-read it the day I returned home and I wanted to cry....more