BlogHer 2013 Taught Me

A 'lil over a week ago I went off to Chicago to meet some of my blogging friends and 5,000-ish of our peers at BlogHer '13. It was a conference I'd been looking forward to for many personal reasons. I love blogging, and I love the community. I just needed it all to come together. And that it did. #BlogHer13 taught me a lot about myself and why I do what I do....more

Quieting My Inner Doubt & Grabbing Life By The Horns [What I Learned at Write! Canada]

I approached the whole idea of a writer's conference with a kind of fear that made my heart pound and my digestive track revolt.  I thought myself a painfully shy, socially handicapped, positively uninteresting being who stumbled over being vocally eloquent or remotely intelligent.  I was actually ashamed to call myself a writer.  (Well, I mean, I kind of like to write, it doesn't really mean anything - like, I don't get paid or anything and I don't know if anybody reads it and I certainly know that you don't care and I'm just boring you with this so-far-from-wit...more

Beyond Comfy Shoes: 10 Things I Learned from BlogHer Food '13

Last weekend I packed up my blogger business cards, planted kisses on Mufasa and the KC kids and headed to Austin for the 5th annual BlogHer Food Conference. All. By. Myself. No backpacks full of coloring books or epi-pens stuffed in my purse, just me, my camera (which I barely used by the way, hence the slew of iPhone and Instagram photos in this post) and a single carry-on bag....more
@Denise She was so incredibly gracious! I can't even imagine the endurance it must take to deal ...more

Disappointment and Regrets - When Life Derails Your Plans

For the past two months, we've been looking forward to a weekend conference for LGBTQ media in Philadelphia. A train ride, a little sight seeing, great networking ... perfect. All the plans were laid and we had scholarships so the costs were very low.Then, I got sick with a cold. This meant I had to go off one set of prescription medication to take OTC cold medication. It was a dicey decision - if I didn't take the cold meds, I risked my usual spiral into bronchitis and pneumonia which was clearly not good. I also knew I'd be miserable for the trip....more

What’s Your BlogHer ’12 Follow Up Strategy?

After all the parties are over, you’ve traveled home, and recovered from re-entry into regular life, what’s next? What is your plan to follow-up on the connections you made and put what you learned into action? It’s all in the follow-up.  Whenever you attend a live event it is only a start to the work that will follow. You’ve made some new connections, deepened existing relationships, and learned a ton.  So what are you going to do with it? Here is a –4-part system for taking action without overwhelming the heck out of yourself. ...more
 @Laine Griffin Great plan!  Taking time to work "on" the business is so critical, and so few do ...more

On Tech Tips and Tools For Navigating #BlogHer12

Last year at BlogHer, I attended almost every session, party and keynote. I made it early for yoga, was up late on the dance floor. In between, I got to know the Expo Hall from front to back. But I wasn't an attendee. As the official photographer last year, I got to see it all from behind a camera lens, and like seeing the wizard behind the curtain, I was given the opportunity to see how it all comes together. This year, returning as an attendee and a speaker, I feel like I come with the benefit of all that those five days taught me. ...more
Wonderful tips - I have a portable powerstrip like the one you link to and take it on all my ...more

Selling my BlogHer 12 Full Conference Ticket for $200

Selling my full conference pass for BlogHer '12. Please email if interested in purchase chefswidow@gmail.comCheers,Chef's Widow...more
@chefswidow is this still available??more

Pssst... wanna sponsor an enthusiastic blogger for BlogHer '12?!

As you may know, I am looking forward with great excitement to attending BlogHer '12 in New York City this coming August (just over two months away - can you believe it?!). And why wouldn't I be excited?! I get to travel to another country - to one of the most amazing cities in the world, no less... I'll be able to meet and hang out with online-only-so-far friends in person... ...more

Get on your wind horse this August!

If you've ever been to a class with Ana Forrest, you know it is not your typical yoga class....more