Exciting announcement!

This little piece of news is unlikely to be of particular excitement to anyone other than yours truly, but please bear with me while I do a celebratory happy dance around the room, because... I am going to BlogHer '12! ...more

Blogalicious 2011: Celebrating Diversity in Blogging

On the weekend of October 21-23, hundreds of women from all sorts of backgrounds are going to be gathering in Washinton D.C. for the third annual Blogalicious Weekendconference, celebrating diversity in blogging. I talked to Stacey Ferguson (or Justice Fergie) of Life IS the Party about the event, of which BlogHer has been a long-time supporter. ...more
Sounds like a fabulous event!more

Cyber Bullying Isn't Just For Teens: What I Took From BlogHer11 At Home

Cyber bullying… It is everywhere.Facebook, blogs, twitter… anyplace you can imagine… it is there. But why?  People wouldn’t feel that this type of harassment is ok in day-to-day life, of course because most know it is illegal and they would most certainly face criminal charges....more

My Top Tips for Staying Healthy During the BlogHer '11 Conference!

As I sit in my hotel room on the eve before the start of the BlogHer conference, I am smacking my lips in anticipation of all the delectable treats and drinks I will be indulging in while I am here. If you don’t know, in addition to the information packed conference sessions, good food is always served for lunch and there are COUNTLESS parties where we eat, drink and be merry while socializing with our blogging friends. But the good news is that if you are attending the conference you can still do things for yourself that will help keep you balanced. ...more
And don't forget your veggies! I think Chocolate Greens 8000 is a tasty & convenient way to get ...more

The Art of the Introduction

We talk a great deal about how important first impressions are in business, but suggestions are almost universally spelled out for our own self-improvement, leaving out how we affect the first impressions that others make through our introductions. A bad introduction can cripple a conversation, and sour relationships, whereas a good one can make a conversation not only informative, but useful, as it can lead you and people around you to a world of opportunities down the line. ...more
@IdeaGov, assuming they knew how to be people to begin with!more

Not This Year

I remember packing for my first BlogHer. Finley and I were embarking on our first adventure, she was a little over two months old. It was a revelatory experience, as we surpassed everyone’s expectations (oh, how those people giving me the evil as they saw us boarding the plane changed their tune!)...more
@Denise I know, I am so blue about it. It was just too far and in the midst of too much here at ...more

Jose Antonio Vargas: Bloggers Can Change the Conversation

Just hours before I spoke with Jose Antonio Vargas, he found out that Washington State was revoking his driver’s license. “This is all getting very real,” he says. The month since Vargas announced his undocumented status in a New York Times Magazine essay has been incredibly anxious, overwhelming — and empowering — for the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. ...more
Thanks for following along, Virginia! I'll be blogging and tweeting from the conference next ...more

San Diego BlogHer Conference Queen Bee Market

guess what??? the queen bee market is just one week away!exactly one week from today i will be in downtown San Diego at the queen bee market conveniently located next to the BlogHer Conferencewith all my stationery, notecards, prints, and brand new sweet goodies! ...more

Conference Corner: You're Invited! BlogHer '11 & 9 Open-to-All Parties

After a long day of education and inspiration at BlogHer ’11, we know that a lot of you are looking to unwind. For some, that’s dancing. For others, that’s chilling on the sofa. And for still others, it’s mingling and mixing with bloggers, networking to your heart’s content. But ... where do you go to do all that? BlogHer has the answer for you: Each night (Thursday, Friday and Saturday, August 4-6), we’ve got three fun parties lined up, just for you! PLUS, if even the word "party" makes you shudder, the Serenity Suite (which is exactly what it sounds like) will stay open late on Saturday night....more