BlogHer Conferences in Pictures: BlogHer '10, Not in NYC But With You in Spirit (UPDATED PICTURES!)

Updated with more photos of those who will be with BlogHer in spirit but not in New York City -- get yours added today if you can't make it. ...more

It was my first BlogHer conference so you and I have not met before, but I did get to take a ...more

Lonely in a Crowd: 10 Tips for Making New Friends at a Conference

If you feel the slightest bit shy or uncomfortable in large groups, the anticipation of attending a conference with hundreds of strangers can be absolutely daunting. Take it from me. You think about where you’ll sit, whether you’ll have anyone to talk to, and whether you’ll be eating lunch at a table for one....more

Creating a Vlog in a Conference Setting

This is my 2 cents on what to think about if you intend to shoot video in a conference setting. Just remember, 2 cents doesn't go all that far these days. ...more

Heehee... can't beat the hard-cold fact of reality, right? :)

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BlogHer 10 Geek Lab: Office Hours

Have you ever wished for your own personal geek? Someone who could help answer those burning questions about htaccess? Or someone who could help you make sense of a fussy CSS template? Are you new to blogging and trying to learn how to make small changes to your wordpress theme? Considering a micro-blogging platform like Posterous? Would you like to know how to use Twitter more effectively? Well at BlogHer '10, you can spend time with the people who can help you answer all of those burning questions - and more. ...more

I will be there. There is some code I need to erase from my new site and I can't figure out ...more

BlogHer Conferences in Pictures: 2009

Updated with new pictures! We're putting up your 2009 conference photos as fast as we can. Here is what we have so far. ...more

When you launch the full slideshow, you can see the labels, FYI.

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Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability -- Version 14

BOULDER, CO - When's the last time you attended a conference and one of the keynote speakers was only 16 years old? This was but one of the thought-provoking subject matter experts we were treated to at the 14th annual LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) Conference, held at the super green St. Julien Hotel here. ...more

Ticket Search

I am hoping to find a ticket to the conference.  Any for sale out there? ...more

Overwhelmed by BlogHer & NYC? - quiet places to getaway

We'll be bowling at QueenPin, hanging at The People's Party and taking fast and furious notes on the FTC Guidelines and more. But what happens when you get overwhelmed by the hustle of the city and the constant go-go-go at the conference? Where can you find a little bit of peace and quiet in the big city? ...more

Great idea blackbird!!!!

Of Cancelled Flights, Icelandic Volcanoes and Lonely Souls

It has been a week already. A long and painful week for my dear friend S -- she was supposed to fly to London last Monday to visit a mutual friend of ours - M - who - bravely and willfully - packed her belongings last fall and headed to England to finish her Masters in Art History. M has been so busy since September '09 with lectures, assignments, papers to write, papers to publish and loads of studying that she hasn't had a moment to speak to any of her loved ones left behind....more

Altitude Design Summit for Bloggers: First of Its Kind?

A few months ago, I watched with interest as friends began tweeting about the Altitude Design Summit, the inaugural conference geared toward design bloggers, to be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, January 21 - 23. As someone who follows design bloggers -- both digital design and interior design -- with a considerable amount of fanaticism, I really, really wanted to go. But as someone who isn't a design blogger at all -- I just like to take lots of pictures -- I thought perhaps this conference wouldn't be for me. Boy, was I wrong. ...more