Health Care, Netroots, Women and Pittsburgh: Definitely a Winning Combination

The formerly hyper-leftish political blogger conference formerly known as The Yearly Kos, formerly made up only of a tight circle of political bloggers, has blossomed into a far more diverse and interesting community.  Now known as Netroots Nation, they met last weekend in Pittsburgh, which knows a thing or two about working class life, and about tough times.  And, it seemed to me, the group demonstrated commitment and compassion different from that of the tighter, earlier community. ...more

My Kind of Town, Chicago

I'm sort of amused to tell you that I write this from a campground in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. My belly is full of fried cheese curds -- hey, you gotta eat the local specialties -- and my hands are busy slapping mosquitoes. I've got a frosty Goose Island beer -- a yummy Chicago brew that snuck into the ice chest.  A couple of kids are running here and there, riding bikes as though they're flying. Our tent is pitched on a flat patch of grass next to an outboard motor boat on a trailer and there's a weird rush hour of golf cars buzzing about. ...more


 I know I've harrassed you enough about taking in the authentic delights of my ...more

Behind the Scenes with BlogHer Founders: How Blogging Works for Women

July 24th, 2009 kicks off the largest conference for women bloggers in the world.  Bloggers from all over are convening in Chicago to connect in real life including the See Jane Do team.  We went behind the scenes with BlogHer founders, Jory Des Jardins and Elisa Camahort to learn blogging basics and essentials, why blogging works for women, and the steps that led to this incredible online community for women. ...more

Getting to know you before, during, and after BlogHer 09

Hey Denise and fellow Blogher gals!  A native Chicagoan, born and raised, this will be my first Blogher Conference! I am a civil servant closing in on my 20th year in local government. I started my blog two years ago and it saved my life. The drudgery of a day job such as mine zapped the life and creativity from my bones. While I love what I do, the nature of law enforcement can make even the happiest person question humanity! ...more

Tell me about it... blogging allows me to not spend all of my mental time in "cop ...more

Social Media Boot Camp NYC- Free for BlogHers

First post here, and it's a gift. Our group, the TwitterQueens, is having a Social Media Boot Camp and networking event on June 27. You can read more about the group here at our site included on there are a list of members and nearly 75 posts dealing mostly with social media information, by such authors as Mike Mueller, Lesley Lambert and Cheryl Waller, among many more. ...more

Join Beth & I at Craigslist Foundation's Nonprofit Boot Camp

Are you thinking about starting a nonprofit, or just want to learn new skills to make your present job easier? Come check out the Craigslist Foundation's Nonprofit Boot Camp on June 20th in Berkeley, CA. The day includes workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions, and keynotes by Arianna Huffington, Randi Zuckerberg and Craig Newmark.  ...more

Hi Kerry,

Thanks so much for the grammar reminder.  I always make that mistake.  ...more

Vote StoveTop BlogHer Finalists!

The 8 finalists have been revealed! Grand prize is trip to conference in Chicago!  Vote for #5: fast & frugal year round Thanksgiving dinner!  A great meal in this economy and healthy and balanced! ...more

Thoughts on Sex 2.0 past, present, and future

I can hardly believe that Sex 2.0 is less than two weeks away. I’m looking forward to plotting and scheming - I mean, catching up - with farflung friends, some of whom I’ve known for years and some of whom I met for the first time IRL at last year’s Sex 2.0. I’m also excited to finally meet some of my other internet nerd-crushes; Monica Shores, Nikol Hasler, Sarah Dopp, Maria Diaz, just to name a few. ...more

Travelbloggers Represent in Austin at SxSW

It's hugely exciting to have had the opportunity to speak about travelblogging at SxSW, but it's possible that the most existing moment during Blog Highways was when we walked into the room and found it full to overflowing. My partner, Sheila Scarborough and I, could not have been more delighted with the turn out. Travelbloggers, represent! ...more

For anybody who knows a student about to study abroad or a young traveler on a budget, a new ...more

Strictly Speaking: What can we learn from the recent Presidential Debates?

If the recent Presidential Debates have taught us anything, it would be how important choosing the “right words” are to your cause.  Whatever your vocation is, at some point, you are required to convince someone to believe in you, your cause or your product.  The point is , your audience has to decide whether or not to follow you, promote you or to become your customer. ...more