Join Beth & I at Craigslist Foundation's Nonprofit Boot Camp

Are you thinking about starting a nonprofit, or just want to learn new skills to make your present job easier? Come check out the Craigslist Foundation's Nonprofit Boot Camp on June 20th in Berkeley, CA. The day includes workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions, and keynotes by Arianna Huffington, Randi Zuckerberg and Craig Newmark.  ...more

Hi Kerry,

Thanks so much for the grammar reminder.  I always make that mistake.  ...more

Vote StoveTop BlogHer Finalists!

The 8 finalists have been revealed! Grand prize is trip to conference in Chicago!  Vote for #5: fast & frugal year round Thanksgiving dinner!  A great meal in this economy and healthy and balanced! ...more

Thoughts on Sex 2.0 past, present, and future

I can hardly believe that Sex 2.0 is less than two weeks away. I’m looking forward to plotting and scheming - I mean, catching up - with farflung friends, some of whom I’ve known for years and some of whom I met for the first time IRL at last year’s Sex 2.0. I’m also excited to finally meet some of my other internet nerd-crushes; Monica Shores, Nikol Hasler, Sarah Dopp, Maria Diaz, just to name a few. ...more

Travelbloggers Represent in Austin at SxSW

It's hugely exciting to have had the opportunity to speak about travelblogging at SxSW, but it's possible that the most existing moment during Blog Highways was when we walked into the room and found it full to overflowing. My partner, Sheila Scarborough and I, could not have been more delighted with the turn out. Travelbloggers, represent! ...more

For anybody who knows a student about to study abroad or a young traveler on a budget, a new ...more

Strictly Speaking: What can we learn from the recent Presidential Debates?

If the recent Presidential Debates have taught us anything, it would be how important choosing the “right words” are to your cause.  Whatever your vocation is, at some point, you are required to convince someone to believe in you, your cause or your product.  The point is , your audience has to decide whether or not to follow you, promote you or to become your customer. ...more

Houston is into Health and Wellness in a Big Way

24 dietitians, physicians and therapists from Texas Children's Hospital recently collaborated to write the book, The Family Guide to Fighting Fat: A Parent's Guide to Handling Obes... ...more

I'm going to Chicago and need your advice

So in September I applied for a scholarship to attend the Breast Cancer Network of Strength conference in Chicago.  I received an e-mail later in the month thanking me for applying but sorry, no scholarship.  Oh well.  Then two weeks later I receive an e-mail that they have found some additional scholarship money and I’ve been awarded one.        ...more

Thanks for the tips.  Krolls looks like fun.  And Lara did you see the special Gioco has ...more


I was going to post about the adventure Karen, Sam and I had on the New York Interstate, however Karen has already beat me to that. What she has to say is perfect - she emotes the feelings we all had perfectly. Despite the FAIL of OnStar at that particular moment, we were very happy to have the onboard phone system to contact the hospital for that poor woman. Karen was so compassionate, so kind to this woman - as I saw her programming the woman's navigational system and then rubbing her back and offering words of encouragement I knew that Karen's kindness runs deep in her soul. ...more

My First Conference

I’m very excited to be headed to my first blogher conference.  I hope to meet lots of blog friends and learn many new things about a blog life.  I wonder if there will be any gluten free food available or just my snack bag? ...more

Beantown Lovelies!

I'm going to Boston!!!! Alright, now that I've screamed a little bit (*shriek*!!), I'll get back to business. I'm going to Boston! This weekend I am attending the BlogHer Outreach Boston '08 with some wonderful Canadian bloggers. As if that wasn't exciting enough, we are also part of the GM Carpool, a lovely arrangement that provides us with a Saturn Vue Hybrid to drive down with. Excited? Um, yeah! ...more

Me too! Ok, not the grandparents (cuz that would be weird, cuz they're ummm departed) but me ...more