BlogHers in Blogsboro - Converge South 2007

I just got off of I-95, returning from the Converge South conference on the campus of North Carolina A & T University, an historically black university in Greensboro, North Carolina - a city that will be a stop on the BlogHer 2008 Reach Out Tour. ...more

Web Directions South 2007 conference

I didn't make it to BlogHer this year but I did manage to get to Sydney for the Web Directions South conference last week. There were some great speakers, some great people and I had four childfree days. Bliss! Read more about it here and here. I plan to do a couple more posts about it too, so check back in over the next few days. ...more

I've always wanted to go to these conferences but they are so far away. There's such a wonderful ...more

BlogHer in 2008: Reach!

Today we are proud to announce our entire 2008 schedule of events, centered around one unifying theme: Reach! BlogHer in 2008 will include a second annual BlogHer Business, the fourth annual BlogHer Conference and the introduction of a brand new BlogHer event: The BlogHer Reach Out Tour. The BlogHer Reach Out Tour will stop at 6 cities on the East Coast and across the South. Yup, we're growing from 2 events in 2007 to 8 events in 2008! ...more

My big suggestion would be to come to Kansas City.  It is right here in the Heartland, and it ...more

BlogHer in 2008: Call in to get the scoop this Thursday at 9AM

We reviewed the survey, compiled the poll results, read your blog posts and comments, and we are ready to unveil our BlogHer in 2008 plans...this coming Thursday, September 27th at 9AM Pacific time. And we'd like to do it live and "in person" on a community conference call. We'll take about 15 minutes to outline our entire schedule for 2008, and then we'll have time for Q&A as well. As soon as the call is over we'll push the info live in a blog post and press release too, so don't worry if you can't make it. You won't have to wait too long for the info. ...more

BlogHer 2008: San Francisco

BlogHer Business 2008: New York

BlogHer's Reach Out Tour: ...more

Blog Business Summit

Unfortunately, rather late, I just found out about the Blog Business Summit. It's being held 17-19 September in Chicago (weren't we just there... ). ...more

Live from the (virtual) BlogHer Conference in Second Life!

This is amazing. Although in reality, I am at home, in bed, in pain (and in my pajamas), I am still able to attend the BlogHer Conference virtually using this program called Second Life. They’re streaming audio this morning while the attendees sit in chairs. Soon we will get up and walk around and “talk” to each other, making connections and renewing friendships that we’ve made through blogging. I am so enamoured with this technology. ...more

BlogHer in Second Life

I can't go to BlogHer this year. So when I heard about the opportunity to participate via Second Life, I was thrilled. Mind you, I'd never BEEN to Second Life before, and only heard a little about it. But I REALLY had been looking forward to the conference, so I decided to give it a shot. ...more

Blogher Video Blogging Session

Are you a videoblogger or do you aspire to be one? Then you're going to love the Videoblogging session we've cooked up for you! I'm one of the speakers and we've worked hard to make sure that this is one class you won't leave without a solid understanding of: ...more