The Top Conferences Being Held In Manchester in 2017

Manchester is filled with exciting things to do and great shows to attend! The year 2017 will be a particularly interesting, especially since there are a lot of great conferences, shows and events being held in the city.The Manchester Beer & Cider Festival will kick off the year on January 19, and other professional events will follow suit, such as conferences. See the top conferences being held in Manchester in 2017 that'll make you want to start packing your bags!...more

18 Proven Tactics to Become an Event Social Media Superhero

Inspired by the research, tips and strategies explored in detail, here are 18 quick fire steps to become an Event Social Media Superhero! 1. Content is KingEnsure that you provide quality content which appeals to your audience. Provide unique and exclusive content such as back stage pictures, teasers and interviews. Give them a reason to follow and engage.2. Little and Often...more

An introvert's guide to rocking #BlogHer15

IF YOU’RE AN INTROVERT, YOU CAN STILL ROCK A BLOGGING CONFERENCE…OH YES YOU CAN!I’m an introvert. Someone once told me I was an extroverted introvert but I’m not sure what the hell that really means. I am not shy. I like people but I like them in small doses. Most of the time, I’m happy enough with my own company. The things I like to do for fun – writing, running, reading – are easily solitary pursuits. Large groups of people bring on my anxiety and highlight my awkwardness.So, I think I’ll just go with introvert....more

Seeking Inspiration at #BlogHer15

At the end of this week, I'll be in New York City, attending my fourth blogging conference and third BlogHer. My train ticket is bought, new business cards are on their way, and I think I'll come up with some version of an outfit plan in the next few days (what to wear is a big deal with this group)....more
emmapalova Hi Emma! I'll definitely be tweeting from the conference, so feel free to follow me ...more

Learn 3 Tips For an Innovative Career and Life at #IYFSV15

Don't just watch innovation happening around you. Make it part of your career and life at the ninth annual Invent Your Future Silicon Valley Conference Tuesday, April 28th....more

Tips for Becoming a Better Public Speaker

Do you absolutely hate the thought of having to speak in public, but you have been invited to be a guest speaker at a conference? If so, you need to find ways to get over your fear of speaking in public. Picturing everyone in their underwear isn’t the answer. But, here are some tips that will help....more

8 Tips to ROCK Your Blog Conference

Next week I will be traveling to a magical land where people understand phrases like: "I'm really struggling with SEO" or "That's my favorite plugin!" or " Is there a hashtag for that?" It will be a gathering of people who stop to take pictures of food before eating and may post to social media while carrying on conversations.  ...more

10 Tips for Cultivating Connections at Conferences and Events

All event and conference planners (including BlogHer's), sponsors and hosts hope they deliver on at least one of the main reasons people attend their events. And it's no surprise that networking is always cited as one of the top three reasons most people attend conferences, conventions or events. (The other two include, learning/education and getting out of the office.)...more

Top 10 Things I Learned at Last Year's BlogHer Conference

10. For several days following the conference you will amble around BlogHerized. Definition: The mind-boggling state of sorting through the Who, Where, Why and When of What you experienced at the conference. ...more
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