My Baby Girl Mimics My Mothering (And It's Regretful)

So, it's a regular day. I've just laid my 5 month old Wallace down for one of his afternoon naps. I head downstairs, grab the laundry, grab some Diet Pepsi, and head back upstairs to my room.My 3 year old Pearl is standing at the foot of my bed with a regular sized Barbie and a mini Barbie and she's playing quietly. I lay down my laundry on the bed, grab the remote, and commence folding my mountain of clothes....more

Never Have I Ever...

We all know this drinking game. You say something you have NEVER done, in front of a bunch of friends, and when someone takes a swig out of their beer, it means they have actually done that thing....more

Confessions of a lesbian corporate wife

I am a corporate wife because I will go where we go. I will move our family to where the work takes us. I will care for our children and support my spouse because it is her career that is supporting our family. ...more

If You're So Unhappy Being a Mom, Why Should I Be One?

At least ten of you have sent me the link to the I Hate Being a Mom Secret Confessions site by now, and I’ve been avoiding it. Sort of in the same way I’ve been avoiding seeing The Exorcist. Because although I know these horror stories probably wouldn’t happen to me, they’d still scare me to death. I was right....more
Do not become a mother . . . Unless you are prepared to love another human being more than you ...more


A self-confession in all its glory:   Author of the blog Running Without Toenails, follow me on Twitter @ktweed...more
... and confession is good for the soul.  You are brave to face and name each and every one! ...more

Food for wife: Confessions of a newlywed's food adventures

Confession # 2: Heston = Happiness

Food for wife: Confessions of a newlywed's cooking adventures

 Confession #1: Honesty and cooking puns are an essential ingredient Starting this blog isn't something that I thought I would ever do. In fact, it was only a few days ago that some friends of mine suggested I write a 'food blog' when I brought some leftovers into work and they gushed about how fabulous it looked....more

The Truth About How I Blog

SuperBLOGirl.That's the suggested 'superhero' name, bestowed upon me by Deborah of Ask Dr G (@AskDrG) due to the following myths:Myth 1: I read and comment on every single blog out there.Myth 2: I tweet 24/7.Myth 3: I write a week's worth of blog posts in advance....more

I Bought a Barbie :: Confessions of a Mother Who Got Sucked In

I think the rapture may have passed us by, but somehow, today, at about 3:15 PM (est) I must have had an out-of-body-experience. Nothing else explains it (except maybe temporary insanity?). Can strep throat become strep brain? Because. I. Bought. A. Barbie. (Actual that makes a cool acronym. BIBAB. As in "I was struck with an overwhelming case of BIBAB" OR "when the BIBAB gets ahold of me, I do crazy irrational things"). Stinking BIBAB....more

We all have our soft barbie spot...However, I have an Aunt who collects Barbies. And I'm not ...more


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