Confessions, Volume IX: The birthday edition

Well, we’ve arrived at my favorite day of the year, second to Christmas. The day where I can excuse cake for breakfast, fondue for dinner (yessss), and being (slightly) imperious* because… it’s my birthday!Harris Ranch fruit tart makes a divine birthday breakfast, fyi....more

Stressed Moms: What’s the Most Ridiculous Thing YOU Did?

Stressed moms was our theme for this week’s MomCave LIVE with the hilarious viral video creator Deva Dalporto. (She made a 21 Pilots parody video called “Stressed Out Mom.”)We asked some of the funniest moms on the internet to share their most ridiculous moments under stress. Read their hilarious stories below. ...more

How Real Moms Text

Today's texts from best mom friends:"Got my 3 miles in 32 min!!! Boom and I peed on myself bc my shit needs to be stitched up""Confession: I hate the playground.""Confession: I hate toddler birthday parties.""Confession: I hate everyone but you guys today."Here is my blog confession for today: I hate bath time....more


So I have to make a confession. And I'm just going to say it, because, there is no need to draw it out or beat around the bush. I like Taylor Swift. There I said. Feel's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I'm a Swiftie. I haven't always been, there was a day I would not listen to her at all. During her country music phase. Because, well I hate country music. But now I am hooked!...more

The Struggle Is Real: Confessions Of A Momtrepreneur

Before I start, I would just like to thank my (relatively few) loyal readers for sticking around thus far.  I have learned on my journey that consistency is one of the most important elements in maintaing a successful blog, and lack thereof has been one of my biggest pitfalls.  The life of a momtrepreneur is not nearly as glamorous as it looks on Instagram.  My weak attempt at a content calendar, spends most of it’s days collecting d...more
Love this. Social media creates a fantasy world that isn't real. Who loves real anymore? Who ...more

Confessions, Observations and Challenges from a Male Food Blogger

At first I wanted to call this post "A Year in Reflection from a Male Food Blogger." Then I thought about the experiences I've had this past year since I really took this food blogging site seriously, which led me to title this "Observations and Challenges from a Male Food Blogger." Then I changed my mind one more time as the writing evolved. I kinda roll that way... In a female dominated environment where single, married, both working and stay at home mommy bloggers rule, I've felt like an outsider and a minority. I am a male food blogger. ...more

10 Confessions of a Mom

1.  I have hidden certain of my children's books at bedtime because they were too long and I didn't want to read them. (I did this today.  A library book...something about Tinkerbell's journey to something or another... How did I let this one get into the bag?)...more

Mom Confessions!

 The other day I was riding in the car by myself (which is extremely rare).... I was enjoying the music and talk of radio vs. the rotation of Raffi and Music Together..:-)  Anyway, the subject on one show was "Mom Confessions."  They had moms calling in sharing all sorts of hysterical things... So the rest of the ride I was thinking about what my mom confessions would be.. Not really as funny as the moms on the radio, but here's my list:...more

My Confessions #2

A little while back, I wrote a post about my personally perceived incompetence....more

Shoplifting Mom

The other night I was grocery shopping and have my HUGE purse/bag in the top of the cart, facing me, wide open. It did not occur to me that I might slip in a bag of Starbucks coffee or some gum or nail polish. ...more