10 Confessions of a Mom

1.  I have hidden certain of my children's books at bedtime because they were too long and I didn't want to read them. (I did this today.  A library book...something about Tinkerbell's journey to something or another... How did I let this one get into the bag?)...more

Mom Confessions!

 The other day I was riding in the car by myself (which is extremely rare).... I was enjoying the music and talk of radio vs. the rotation of Raffi and Music Together..:-)  Anyway, the subject on one show was "Mom Confessions."  They had moms calling in sharing all sorts of hysterical things... So the rest of the ride I was thinking about what my mom confessions would be.. Not really as funny as the moms on the radio, but here's my list:...more

My Confessions #2

A little while back, I wrote a post about my personally perceived incompetence....more

Shoplifting Mom

The other night I was grocery shopping and have my HUGE purse/bag in the top of the cart, facing me, wide open. It did not occur to me that I might slip in a bag of Starbucks coffee or some gum or nail polish. ...more

Confessions of a Shoplifter


Everyone should be tolerant...except me

I am a hypocrite. I own and admit to this.I’m not proud. I’m not perfect. I’ve always thought owning up to your shortcomings is the best way to remain humble.And so, I give unto you, ways I am an intolerant ass…...more

I'm Thankful for Oversharing Dolphins

I'm a day late on my midweek confession. I figured better late than never....more

Confessional Friday


Confessional Friday



Inspired by the fabulous Jenny Blake, here are a few things you probably don't know about me, and I probably will regret telling you later, but oh well.I feel like I'm living in a bunch of people's shadows sometimes. No matter how much I try, and I've gotten better, I can't stop comparing myself to other people. My friends. My siblings. My co-workers. I just need to take Jersey Shore wisdom to heart more often: YOU DO YOU....more