How I Feel When Someone Asks: "Who are you looking cute for?

You wanna know something that irks me? When people see you dressed up and they automatically assume your reasoning for doing is due to a love interest. Like, I can't dress up just because, I don't know, maybe I felt like it? Now I don't make a habit out of dressing up for work. Jeans and a T-shirt will work for me or anything that's clean for that matter. I already hate waking up early for work so I definitely don't have time to worry about what I'm going to wear--especially to a place I dread going to most days....more

Raising Strong Girls Starts with Doing, Not Watching

Some people who were walking on the trail stopped to watch us slowly ride by, my daughter, granddaughter and me, on our rented horses following Amanda, our guide. They waved at us and told us to have a good time but gave the appearance of finding three women and a 10-year old girl on horses on a horse trail in a part of San Diego County layered with riding stables as something unusual and worth watching....more

4 Ways We Can Teach Our Daughters to Shine from Within

When I look at this quote I can’t stop hearing this song in my head…This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine....more


Me: Are you popular?Her: No, but I have some great friends so I don’t care.Me: Do you have popular friends?Her: Yes I do and they are nice.Me: Do you want to be popular?Her: I am popular to my friends and I don’t need any more attention than that.Me: You’re a pretty great kid you know that?Her: Yep, I know....more

I Might Make Some Changes In My Life, But I'll Never Do These Things

One of my recent blog posts was about change.  Good, necessary, positive change.  It’s the notion that we can make the mature and noble decision to say, “sure, I used to do or think this one thing… but I don’t anymore.”  It’s called growth.  Maturing.  Evolving.  EVER HEARD OF IT??...more

How Many Poker Chips are You Playing With? By Allie Mac.

The players with the most poker chips in their hand take the most risks.It’s true.I’ve watched people play poker in Vegas and the players who “go all in” or “double down” are not the players with 2 chips left....more

I Took a Makeup Break

I wouldn’t call myself a “girly girl” (I’m sure feminists would love a diatribe on the phrase alone), but I love makeup. I'm not a shopper, couldn't care less about purses or shoes, but I’ve always looked at my face as a canvas I can perfect upon. I have always firmly believed everyone looks better with makeup and I never leave the house without it - and if I do, I am very insecure about it. ...more

Why It's So Important to Make Yourself & Your Wellbeing a Priority

Last week was a harrowing one, and with this Monday we begin again, facing a new week with a familiar sense of trepidation, of disharmony, of fear that we’ve come to expect if still not comfortable with. I’m certain as the national conventions kick off in both political parties this week, the unrest will continue. What I hope, sincerely but desperately, is that as conflict and confrontation take center stage in the news this week, we vow not to do so within ourselves....more

How Hailing a Cab Naked Became An Ultimate Life-Altering Moment

Negative life events such as getting divorced can strip us of our self esteem....more
Good for you! (And good for your husband for "getting it.")  Denise SheKnows Community Directormore

Shock People with Your Confidence and Humor

 Do you know people that are so funny, they make you laugh so hard you have tears streaming down your face?  And they can be so unabashed and shockingthat they leave you and the rest of the room speechless?...more