Who Has the Right to Label You?

From the time we enter school for pretty much the rest of our lives we are given labels by our family, friends, society and popular culture. Whether the intention of the label is innocent or not you may not know but I do know that labels can have a positive or negative effect on our behavior, future or self-esteem if we allow them to....more

Why I Tighten Up My Ponytail

As much as I swim back into my memory I can’t seem to remember a time where I would say I had short hair. I have never believed I could pull on a short bob but yet I have never had my hair cut that short.Hair will define you physically and for some it can open up a door into your personality, tastes, likes, interests and even set you apart....more

10 Ways to Boost Your Confidence


You can’t make healthy choices if you hate your job, are in an unhappy relationship, or in any situation that you are struggling with. What are you doing to change these negative aspects? Are you letting fear stop you from achieving the life you want? And sometimes, it’s not the situation that needs to change, it’s your perspective. Are you facing each day and those around you with gratitude and love? Or with fear, anger, and cynicism?...more
Corduroy's Button That's amazing! Good luck on your new journey with your new self. I hope you ...more

Why happiness is not a sensible shoe

You figure you need a pair of shoes and have a mental picture of what you want: a sensible choice that coordinates with your wardrobe and matches your busy lifestyle.You go to the mall and start eyeing the displays in search of what you already know you will buy. As you expertly scan the merchandise, a display draws your attention, you don't know why, exactly, but you can't take your eyes off of it: it's a pair of suede pumps in deep plum, formal wear....more


I have to admit I am a pretty likeable person.....People seem to gravitate to me wherever I go......I am pleasant, polite, mannerly, have the "IT Factor...," and all of that......and yet, on a rare occassion I come across someone that simply seems not to "like me...." How could that even be so? They don't even know me.....so how could they not like me??...more

Get Happy with Honda’s Summer #Cheerance Activities

It’s much more than just a car sale. Expected to reach more than three million people across the county, Honda’s “Summer #Cheerance” event is a social media happiness extravaganza that’s spreading across Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, and it includes real-world stunts, comedy, and concerts between now and Friday, August 8, 2014....more

The Right Words At The Right Time

HIMI recently read a magazine article written by a women who was reminiscing of a camping trip she went on during her senior year of highschool. She saw herself back then as a plain, gangly, insecure girl with frizzy hair so was shocked one evening on that trip when a handsome boy walking by stopped to chat.   She was certain he was trying to get to know "her better looking friend" as certainly n...more

THE JOURNEY BACK TO MAGNIFICENCE.......To Who You Are Meant To Be.........Enviornments.....

THE JOURNEY BACK TO TOTAL MAGNIFICENCE….. YOUR MAGNIFICENCE…..BRING IT BACK….. I believe we are all created beautiful and magnificent…….We are created in God’s Image…..And yet, what happens along the way seems to create in some people anything but magnificence…….Why is this so…? Believing that we all were born beautiful and uniquely ourselves I believe overtime environments shape the clay we are given to mold (ourselves)....more

The Mommy Filter

I'm going to tell you one of the secrets of motherhood.  You will never feel more beautiful in your life (and simultaneously unbeautiful, but I'll save that for another post).  It's morning.  I have just rolled out of bed at the sound of the boys stirring.  I head down the hall and go in to wake up L for the day.  As soon as he sees me his face lights up and he jumps up and climbs over his bed towards me.  "Good morning Mommy!" he proclaims excitedly....more