Understanding Your Value

For a very long time I have struggled with the imitators, the copycats, and the coat-tail riders. It would aggravate me that individuals could not be themselves but rather copy others and imitate their way of life....more

Write like nobody cares about your life.

A lovely fellow took time out of his day to comment on my blog, asking the question ” Do you think that people really care about your life?”Very good point Robert.And no. I don’t.And honestly, I am with you Robert. I wonder that often myself, so trust me when I tell you that in the journey of starting to blog it was very difficult coming to terms with writing stories that no one would really care about.It felt egotistical. Obsessive.It felt very, very weird....more
But "HE READ IT" LOLmore

A Grammatical Approach to Praise

This week I had two different experiences of the use of praise. I heard a psychologist on the radio talking about how it was important to use adjectives rather than verbs when praising children. He said when we use adjectives as in “You are helpful”, rather than “you are helping” this enables children to see themselves as helpful; being helpful becomes part of their identity....more


WHAT IS SOCIAL ANXIETY AND SHYNESS Those who experience social anxiety or shyness are uncomfortable and can become...more

Rating your self-confidence

Inspired by NaBloPoMo writing prompt for Tuesday, March 18, 2014: How would you rate your self-confidence? When is it at its lowest? When is it at its highest? ...more

Surprise yourself!

Surprise yourself!Leave a reply Photo I took in Wales ...more

Crosspost: Both/And Thing

Trusting the Synchronicity of Life

Mike RobbinsI just finished Wayne Dyer’s new book I Can See Clearly Now, in which he recounts many of the pivotal moments of his life, the lessons he learned, and how he “can see clearly now” the meaning, purpose, and synchronicity of it all.  I loved the book and got so much out of it....more

In Like a Lion: Rebirth, Revitalization, Hope

Well, here we are, the first of March, and I am in my annual armpit of winter funk....more
Linda Anselmi Thank you! And for now I say yay to dandelions - and more to come!more

My Body is My Temple

When it comes to overcoming fears and anxieties, this is hands down the hardest thing to overcome because no one can do it but you. Anyone can tell you're beautiful (you are, by the way) but only you can believe it....more