Do You 'Should' Yourself?

I don't think I'm alone here, that others (maybe even you) have trundled the 'should've, could've, didn't, whoops' path. Am I? AM I? Let's see... Perhaps I should have stayed on the train and went to the college that I really wanted to go to but I didn't. I got off and came back because I met the 'love of my life' a week before. Yeah, that worked out, well it did work out, I suppose that is true.  ...more


Having CONFIDENCE in yourself and your actions is paramount to achieving your goals. But keep one thing in mind: confidence and arrogance are two completely different things. If you confuse the two, you will most certainly become a very unhappy person with very few real allies and people you can count on for support. Arrogance is NOT a quality that will help you reach your goals any faster....more

Are You Comfortable in Your Own Skin?

We spent yesterday at Pridefest. It wasn’t the usual Father’s Day celebration locale, but we didn’t have control of the calendar. As the parade went by and I watched dozens upon dozens crazily costumed and scantily clad people gyrating on rainbow-colored floats, I suddenly wondered, “what do the parents of these people think?”Do these folks care what their parents think? Do they worry that a coworker will see them? Are they afraid of backlash?    ...more

Quieting My Inner Doubt & Grabbing Life By The Horns [What I Learned at Write! Canada]

I approached the whole idea of a writer's conference with a kind of fear that made my heart pound and my digestive track revolt.  I thought myself a painfully shy, socially handicapped, positively uninteresting being who stumbled over being vocally eloquent or remotely intelligent.  I was actually ashamed to call myself a writer.  (Well, I mean, I kind of like to write, it doesn't really mean anything - like, I don't get paid or anything and I don't know if anybody reads it and I certainly know that you don't care and I'm just boring you with this so-far-from-wit...more

Finding Focus

Everybody’s life has its ups and downs, but not everybody is aware that they can actually DO something themselves to turn things around. Knowing how to focus, how to build up confidence and self-esteem, and knowing when to exercise self-discipline is the key to finding your path to success.Focus is an intimidating word to some people. If it doesn’t come naturally to us, can we reprogram ourselves to focus? Focus, confidence and self-discipline all work hand in hand with each other.Learning to focus can help us in many ways:...more

Fear: It’s What’s for Dinner.

Ever been afraid of a horse? No? I don’t believe you. Fear is a pretty natural response, especially if your feet can’t touch the ground. It’s common sense, horses are big....more

Good Business Leaders Use Intuition to Make Decisions

Decision making is constant in business. Advancing products, engaging employees, responding to customers all while keeping a careful eye on the bottom line. It is the basic function of a leader to be continuously selecting priorities and taking action. Multitasking and constant awareness come with the territory of being in charge. The only stop to the ongoing process is shut-eye. Not resting, deep sleep. ...more

Learning to Love Yourself // An Outfit Post

I'm not a good definition for "self-confidence." In fact, I'm quite the opposite. "Self-conscious" would be a better term to describe me. ...more

My Top 6 Essential Success Skills for Women Whether Working for Others or Working for Yourself – Part 2

Today’s savvy working woman knows that over the course of her career at times she may be working for others, other times she may be working for herself, and at any time she may be doing a combination of the two.  Each situation will require gaining new knowledge and specific skills, but what are the essential success skills you need regardless whether working for others or working for yourself?...more
BodaciousMary Hope so! This new job is challenging every skill I have. I wish I would have ...more

The Every Day Challenge

I’ve been quietly cataloging the proliferation of things like 30day challenges that I see floating around everywhere from Instagram to Pinterest to Facebook. I love the idea of having a smorgasbord of options from which to choose how to improve oneself, but I think we are getting overloaded. Organize your house, tone your abs, be assertive, find forgiveness, love generously, work efficiently…we spend so much time gathering ways to improve, that I don’t think we actually give ourselves the chance to do much improving....more