What's Your Confidence Level?

If someone were to ask you to state how confident you are, what would be your response? Ten? So very confident that you easily articulate your point of view, present ideas as required, make decisions swiftly without a lot of second guessing? Or zero? You have no confidence at all since you believe others have desire to hear thoughts and you are hesitant, can't make a decision without wanting to know at least three people's opinions....more

Life Lessons Learned from My Daughter's Skateboard Coach

I love Lola's skateboard instructor. For a kid in his mid-twenties, he is surprisingly intuitive about the psyche of a nine year old girl. Lola is a kamikaze. Sort of. She is very enthusiastic and not fearful of physical challenges. What she is afraid of is looking stupid and there are a lot of opportunities to do that on a skateboard. ...more
Wow! Inspiring and insightful. Proof once again that wisdom is not about age but about the ...more

Empower Your Body!

A huge piece of personal empowerment is about having self awareness.  In that spirit, I want to share with you my business partner and co-facilitator Zach Stone's most recent blog on body language. ...more


This post is lovely. Truly, deeply, lovely. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.more

A plane ticket, a bus ticket, a train ticket and a table – for one, please!

Two years ago around this time, my life seemed to overwhelm me. I was nearly always close to tears, mostly in a foul mood and for the first time ever wholly and totally tired of my city. I realized that all of these feelings were a culmination of the year gone by. Having ended a long term relationship after 4 years, I at 24 had done what everyone says you shouldn’t, I immediately jumped into another one. Rebound maybe, relationship definitely not....more


This morning I went through what has become the summer routine:First, conduct a dizzying search for swimsuits and rash guards for the big girls to take to camp.Second, devise things to pack for the littlest girl to make her feel like a big girl.Third, pack 2 lunches that will satisfy the distinct eating habits of the older girls.Fourth, make the littlest girl feel ok about not having a packed lunch.Fifth, apply deodorant*Sixth, make coffee and mutter under breath that coffee should always be the first order of business....more

And what I mean by refreshed is: not looking like the bleary-eyed mom of three kids, owner of 2 ...more

about "getting over it"

C and i were invited to a wedding reception (pretty informal. more like a cocktail-party-type-thing) this past saturday. the groom is an old friend of mine of 20+ years. we’ve only been in touch sporadically over the last 15 years or so until last year, when we happened to sign up for the same spanish-class (without knowing about one another) and ended up having a great time once a week sitting in a classroom together again. just like 15 years ago :)...more

Forever Fabulous

I bought a new shirt this week. I loved the way it made me feel in the dressing room. I love the style of the shirt. I love the material. As I stood there in the dressing room I felt cute. Maybe even a little sleek. In a word I felt fabulous. I bought it....more

yes, being beautiful comes within us, its our confidence in our self that makes us stand out.more

The un-impartability of self-worth

When I see my son I know how amazing he is. I know that he worth more than the riches in the world. I know he is special. I know he has a wonderful body that is capable and needs no "improvements." I know that my son has much to offer the world. I know he doesn't need to change or conform to standards that others may see fit to place upon him. I know that. But what about him? ...more

Embrace: Sweaty Body

Summer is a pretty uncomfortable time for me because I am a sweater.  And by that I don’t mean that I’m a warm garment that one tends to put on the colder months (or my office, in June), I mean that I sweat like it is going out of style.  I have always been this way, and if anything, I sweat less now than I used to....more