When my mother turned forty, her friends threw her a surprise party festooned with balloons stating: “You’re Old.”  I found the gesture hilarious until yesterday, when I too became “old.”  ...more
Happy 40th Birthday! Cheers to 40 more years of awesomeness!more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Your Confidence Is Growing 4-20-12

You’re initiating new projects for a return; creating a productive phase, maybe even bringing good news.Your confidence is growing as you feel life is getting better. Opposing Energies: Arguments, miscommunications, bad timing, jealousy, unscrupulousness, vacillation, worryWhatever you’ve been working towards feels more secure with past contacts and current communications moving toward opportunity and new positive directions....more

Sticks and Stones

I can barely manage the questioning looks the girls give me sometimes, so I cannot even begin to fathom what it would be like to be a public figure subject to international, round-the-clock scrutiny. And let’s be honest, public scrutiny grows ever closer to a modern day witch hunt. Should political figures be questioned about their morality?...more

Believing is believing

We were on a road trip this weekend and I felt a cloak of dissatisfaction in myself coming over me. I am always susceptible to it when I am away from home. I resent not having all my things and my hair always seems to frizz and I forget a certain bra or I sit in something and I am one pair of jeans shy of what I need. Nothing earth shattering, but isn’t it always those little ticky-tack things that bring you to your knees?...more

A Springtime Wish

As the snow begins to melt and the sun begins to shine several thoughts run across my mind. One is the inevitable ten pounds from winter hibernation and begin to focus on all of the things I hate about me. I am guilty about making jokes about my muffin-tops, dingle dangles, and wobbly bites all of the things I wish I could airbrush away. ...more
 @yankee rancher It's very good! We have to laugh it keeps us sane :)more

"honey, does wearing nothing make me look fat??"

I have this metal artwork of a dog named “Spike.” He sports a spiked collar (appropriately enough) and actually has his “bits” hanging down between his legs.  His tongue is hanging out proudly and he appears happy and proud to be a dog. Reminds me of the men I’ve known in my life.  ...more

Life on the Curve—TWO: Wom-Mind

What to call that “stage” or experience-across-various-stages of a woman’s life when she finds her métier [1. vocation, trade. 2. an area of activity in which one excels] and practices her strengths in a larger community?Second in this series on the stages of a woman’s life and soul-experience is a look at what I’m calling “Wom-Mind”—again, a focus on woman-in-herself as she presents in the world, her potential, interactions, accomplishments, and how it all feels to her....more
 @elaineR.N. I'm all ears!  Let me know when you think of a term or terms that "encapsulate" it. ...more

Women's Networking Groups~ or~ Do Men Do That?!

 I believe in networking, especially with other women. Great to meet other entrepreneurial and creative women, get new ideas, etc, plus it gets me out of my basement studio and out into public. ...more
I luv this and have this same exact opinion!!! Thank youmore

Dear Dr. Romance: Why Am I Intimidating?

Dear Dr. Romance: Why am I intimidating? After I start talking to guys and I've hooked up with them, some have told me I am intimidating and they become shy in person. I'm not like scary or creepy or anything. (I'm tall, skinny, blonde hair and blue eyes.) But is there anything I can do to fix that?...more