I once was confident.

 What has been my best decade thus far? I was not going to answer this prompt at all; I looked at it once in the last couple of days …and thought, I have no idea. Then I thought, wow what if I did not have one yet. Which was followed with, what if I wouldn’t have one at all?...more
LilyLeung based on the comments from friends that know me they are telling me that I am a ...more

Are You Confident, Humble, Or Both?

Before bed last night, I was reading my new friend Momastery blogger Glennon Doyle Melton’s wonderful New York Times bestselling memoir Carry On, Warrior: Thoughts On Life Unarmed.  What really resonated with me is a chapter called “The Golden Coin,” about how confidence and humility are two sides of one coin.Glennon writes:...more

Take A Bold Step

My son is officially walking now! He was in the bumbling baby steps phase for a while but he has decided it is much better to just stand up and go- as hard and as fast as his sweet little feet will take him. Watching his steps got me thinking about the parallel lesson here. I have moments in life where I am getting around just fine, although things can almost always get better. How often do I really make the most of things? How often do I become apathetic or numb to my state of being, not realizing how much better life can be?...more

Teaching My Asian Daughters to be Strong and Confident

By Frances Kai-Hwa Wang A few years ago, I took a seminar called, "Raising Strong and Confident Daughters." My husband laughed at me. "Could our daughters be any stronger or more confident?" ...more
Awesome post!  Thank you--another addendum I add to story time, if it happens to be of the ...more

Staying Grounded in the Face of Big Clients or Big Money

Do you feel intimidated in the face of powerful clients or big money? Have you ever changed your policies or compromised your mode of operation to accommodate a client or employer because they were affluent or yielded power? If you have, you've sold yourself short because of a hidden (or sometimes not so hidden) intimidation factor that happens when you stand in the face of a seemingly powerful force. ...more

As I learned from my parents -- we all put our pants on one leg at a time.  So early on ...more