Making Jammie Dodgers with Mommy

Mother and Daughter Jammie Dodgers!...more

Blurred Mentality

A few weeks before the third grade, my parents took us shopping. It must have been one of those rare occasions where mom needed his approval before flexing her plastic card, because dad would have never gone otherwise....more

Mompetition...Who Are You Competing With?

One Confident MILF

In my early 20s, I would go to a party or a bar with my flirting-able girlfriends and watch them get the guys, while I waited to be the DD.  I could put on my best dress, spend an hour on my hair and even make an awkward attempt at winking, but I would always be the one standing by the door with the keys.  Occasionally, some drunken guy, who decided to be my dance partner without asking, would approach me with his butt in the air and I would make a wild dash to the ladies lounge.   ...more