Fighting Fair in a Sucker Punch World

You cannot calmly discuss your differences with someone who has a shiv in his shoe.You either have to get yourself a shiv or you have to walk away.The pitiful thing about people who've read the self-help manuals about how to manage conflict and fight fair is that they don't realize that their opponents haven't studied up on sharing feelings and appreciating another's point of view. They've been doing pull-ups at the gym while the anger management devotees have been doing deep breathing and learning how to put their anger into "I" sentences....more

Words May Hurt, But Intentions Matter

First, I have a story to tell you. Last night, the evening of the 4th of July, some friends of ours stopped by to pick up their daughter who had spent the day with us. For the sake of this story, we will call them Bob and Sue. As usual, Bob, Sue, Big Poppa and I ended up sitting around chatting when Sue told a story about meeting Bob's elderly aunt for the first time before she and Bob got married some years back....more
This past weekend was a big fight with my husband.  I was a bridesmaid in my friends wedding and ...more

When Marriage Feels Like a Meat Grinder

 The Joy of Mothering...more
@Agua lost the e. impotence.-thanksmore

A problem with porn...

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Welcome Love! - Part 2

Welcome Love!

"Practice makes permanent." So very true. I think that too many couples give up before they've ...more

Marriage shouldn’t be a Competition: Learn to Collaborate with your Partner

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